Two papers published by Nanyang Technological University Singapore on QPatch

Profs. Seow Theng Ong, George Chandy and colleagues at A*STAR and Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, have recently published two papers to share their research on ion channels and immunology using our QPatch solution.

In a multi-disciplinary collaboration spanning four continents, they published a Nature Microbiology paper contributing QPatch recordings of KCNJ15/Kir4.2 ion channels in monocyte immune cells. This work furthers our understanding of tuberculosis infection and clearance. The paper can be read here

The second paper generated cryo-EM structures of Kv1.3 ion channels with and without the Kv1.3 toxin peptide analogue dalazatide (ShK-186) bound. Kv1.3 ion channels are a key element in the activation of immune T-cells: by blocking them with dalazatide the over-activity seen in autoimmune diseases (e.g. psoriasis) can be reduced. Find the paper published in PNAS here