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  • Neurochip 146 (146-205)
  • Patch Clamp 166
  • Protruding Rim 221
  • Robot Centrifugation Device
  • Capillary stop
  • PCR 228
  • Piranha patent: Top mounted die
  • QPette patent
  • PILOC patent: Improved patch area cell adhesion
  • Low-adsorption surface coating – Anti-stiction coating
  • Weld & Tear Patent, Membrane valves: QChip


Neurochip 146 (146-205)

Title: Substrate and a method for determining and/or monitoring electrophysiological properties of ion channels

Abstract: The present invention relates to a substrate and a method for obtaining an electrophysiological measuring configuration in which a cell forms a high resistive seal (giga-seal) around a measuring electrode making it suitable for determining and monitoring a current flow through the cell membrane. The substrate is typically part of an apparatus for studying electrical events in cell membranes, such as an apparatus for carrying out patch clamp techniques utilised to study ion transfer channels in biological membranes. The substrate has a plurality or an array of measuring sites with integrated measuring and reference electrodes formed by wafer processing technology. The electrodes are adapted to conduct a current between them by delivery of ions by one electrode and receipt of ions by the other electrode and are typically silver/silver halide electrodes. This allows for effective and fast measuring of cells in configurations where the there is a direct electrical connection between the measuring electrode and the cell interior, a whole-cell measuring configuration.

Priority date: 01-10-1999

Granted: US, AU, CN, NZ, GB, DK, FR, GE, SE

  • USA: US6682649B1
  • Europe: EP1221046B1
  • Denmark version: DK/EP1221046
  • Australia: AU780157BB2
  • China: ZL00,813,615.7
  • Canada: 2,385,482
  • New Zealand: 518,057
  • Japan: 4861584

Patch Clamp 166

Title: System for electrophysiological measurements

Abstract: The present invention relates to a high through-put system for determining and/or monitoring electrophysiological properties of ion channels of ion channel-containing membranes, typically lipid membrane-containing structures such as cells. In particular, the invention provides a substrate which provides means for automatically positioning cells at measuring sites using electroosmotic flow in canals formed on or in the substrate. The electroosmotic flow is generated and controlled by electroosmotic flow pumps integrated on the substrate or positioned in relation thereto. Thereby, cells can be positioned in favorable measurement configuration at a plurality of sites for performing testing and measurements. Also, the invention relates to a main electric circuit for performing testing and measurements on a plurality of cells in parallel.

Priority date: 02-10-2000

Granted: US, EU, JP, AU, CA, UK, DK, GE, FR, CH

  • USA: US6932893B2
  • World: WO0229402A3
  • Europe: EP1322955 B1
  • Germany: 601 46 711.6
  • Japan: 4033768
  • Australia: 2,001,293,676
  • Canada: 2,424,498

Protruding Rim 221

Title: Substrate and method for measuring the electrophysiological properties of cell membranes

Abstract: The present invention relates to a substantially planar substrate for use in patch clamp analysis of the electrophysiological properties of a cell membrane comprising a glycocalyx, wherein the substrate comprises an aperture having a rim, the rim being adapted to form a gigaseal upon contact with the cell membrane. The invention further provides a method of making such a substrate and method for analysing the electrophysiological properties of a cell membrane comprising a glycocalyx.

Priority date: 17-04-2002

 Granted: DK,WO, DE, JP, EP, CN, CA

  • Denmark: DK1495105T3
  • Europe: EP1495105B1
  • World: WO2003089564A1
  • Germany: DE60311973T2
  • Japan: JP4351073B2
  • China: CN100506969C
  • Canada: CA2480338C
  • Australia: AU2003229926A1

Robot Centrifugation Device

Title: Centrifugation device with swingable sample holder

Abstract: A centrifugal device comprising:

  • a rotor having a rotor shaft having a longitudinal rotor axis;
  • a holder having an access end, and a holder axis;
  • a location mechanism for locating the holder within the centrifugal device, such that the holder is rotatable about the rotor axis, with the holder axis forming a non-zero angle with the rotor shaft axis, the location mechanism accurately locating the access end of the holder within the centrifugal device, wherein the location mechanism comprises a holding pin having an axis that is substantially perpendicular to the rotor axis, the holding pin being rotatable about the rotor axis.

Priority date: 21-02-2003

Granted: CN, US, DE, US, CA, WO, DK, JP, EP

  • Denmark:                      DK1599290T3
  • Europe:            EP1599290B1
  • USA:                US7322926B2
  • World:              WO2004073868A1
  • Germany:                      DE602004025330D1
  • Japan:              JP4540613B2
  • China:               CN100417452C
  • Canada:                        CA2515974C 

Capillary stop

Title: Capillary stop

Abstract: A microfluidics system comprising:a channel having an inlet (32) and an outlet (38); a first membrane (31) positioned between the inlet (32) and outlet (38) and comprising an aperture having a radius within the range 0.1 to 50 µm, the inlet (32) and the outlet (38) being in hydraulic communication with one another, such that a fluid can move along the channel from the inlet to the outlet.

Priority date: 21-02-2003

Granted: US, CN, DE, WO, EP, CA, DK, JP

  • Denmark:         DK1597576T3
  • Europe:            EP1597576B1
  • USA:                US8268260B2
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PCR 228

Title: Screening methods

Abstract: The present invention relates to screening methods, and in particular, to methods of screening DNA libraries to identify DNA molecules which when expressed in a host cell, give rise to at least one change in the phenotype of the host cell and such phenotype changes being detected using a patch clamp chip construct. Furthermore, the invention concerns the isolation of mRNA, corresponding to the DNA molecule, giving rise to said cellular phenotypic change.

Priority date: 07-06-2002

Granted:  EP, DK, DE, CN

  • Denmark:         DK1511843T3
  • Europe:            EP1511843B1
  • Germany:          DE60304345T2
  • China:               CN100335630C

Piranha patent: Top mounted die

Title: Screening methods

Abstract: A chip assembly for use in a microfluidic analysis system, such as a patch clamp apparatus, comprises a chip having an outer wall, a carrier structure comprising an aperture for receiving the chip, the aperture defining an inner wall, wherein the chip is arranged in the aperture with a liquid tight seal between the outer wall of the chip and the inner wall of the aperture. The chip may be sealed and bonded to the carrier structure by means of a bonding material, such as an UV curing adhesive. A through hole in the chip is aligned with the aperture in the carrier structure. A method for manufacturing the chip assembly is further disclosed.


Priority date: 2010-07-09

Granted:  2011 CA, CN, EP, JP, DK, WO, WO 2016  US

  • Denmark:         DK2590743T3
  • Europe:            EP2590743B1
  • USA:                US9975120B2
  • World:              WO2012004296A1, WO2012004297A1
  • Japan:              JP5851500B2
  • China:              CN103068486B
  • Canada:           CA2804564A1

QPette patent

Title: Handheld device for electrophysiological analysis

Abstract: A handheld device for analysis of electro-physiological properties of a cellular membrane ion channel in an ion channel containing lipid cellular membrane comprises a handheld body with a pump and an electronic controller, and a disposable pipette tip comprising a pathway for fluid, said pathway connecting an open end of the pipette tip to an analysis substrate comprised in the pipette tip. The substrate is adapted to transmit an electrical current through the ion channel in said ion channel-containing lipid cellular membrane, when said lipid cellular membrane is held at a predetermined site of the substrate, e.g. for patch clamp analysis. The handheld body and the disposable pipette tip are configured to releasably attach the pipette tip to the body, to provide a hydraulic connection between the pump of the handheld body and said pathway, and to provide an electric connection between the electronic controller and at least one of said electrodes of the substrate. The electronic controller of the handheld body is configured to operate the assembled device for micfofluidic analysis of aspirated fluid.

Priority date: 2012

Granted:  EP, WO, CN, JP, DK, US

  • Denmark:         DK2681550T3
  • Europe:            EP2681550B1
  • USA:                US20130334062A1, US9581562B2
  • World:              WO2012117029A1
  • Japan:              JP5948355B2
  • China:               CN103477223B

PILOC patent

Title: Improved Patch Area Cell Adhesion

Abstract: The invention provides a chip for use in a microfluidic analysis system, for example a patch-clamp system, said chip having improved cell adhesion through a predetermined pattern of hydrophobic and hydrophilic regions. A method for manufacture of the chips, and a method for improving the adhesion of a cell to a chip are also disclosed.

Priority date: 2012-01-09

Granted: JP, CA, EP, WO, DK, US

  • Denmark:         DK2802416T3
  • Europe:            EP2802416B1
  • USA:                US20140353171A1
  • World:              WO2013104608A1
  • Japan:              JP6290096B2
  • Canada:            CA2860501A1

Low-adsorption surface coating – Anti-stiction coating

Title: Method for applying a coating to a polymeric substrate

Abstract: A single-step method for applying a coating to a polymeric substrate comprising: exposing a photoreactive compound and a polymeric compound in an aqueous solvent to ultraviolet radiation in the presence of said polymeric substrate to obtain a covalently bound coating thereon comprising a reaction product of the photoreactive compound and the polymeric compound. More particularly, the present invention relates to a method of applying a coating to a polymeric substrate in order to reduce the adsorption of analytes in solution to said substrate by imparting properties to the substrate similar to the properties of the coating applied.

Priority date: 2012

Granted/Applications: US, CN, JP, EP, WO, DK

  • Denmark:         DK2900740T3
  • Europe:            EP2900740B1
  • USA:                US20150240115A1
  • World:              WO2014049113A1
  • Japan:              JP2015530451A
  • China:               CN104769022B

Weld & Tear Patent, Membrane valves: QChip

Title: Integrated polymer foil, patch-clamp array and membrane valves

Abstract: The invention describes a foil of polymeric material comprising a plurality of patch portions and a grid portion arranged between said patches. Each patch portion is connected to the grid portion by means of one or more connecting elements. Each patch portion is separated from the grid portion in the X-Y plane by means of a release portion, said release portion having a tensile strength in the X-Y plane which is lower than the tensile strength of both said patch portions and said grid portion, such that—upon exertion of a tensile force between said patch portions and said grid portion—said foil ruptures preferentially at said release portion. The invention relates to a method for the production of cell-capture chips using said foil, and a cell capture chip produced by said method.

Priority date: 2014

Granted/applications: US, JP, EP, WO, CN

  • Europe:            EP3110552A1
  • USA:                US10195608B2
  • World:              WO2015128352A1
  • Japan:              JP2017506899A
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