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Sophion User Meeting – Virtual (Europe)

You are invited to the annual Sophion User Meeting, which will be a virtual one. We had hoped that it would be possible to finally meet in person again this autumn for the traditional User Meeting in Europe. Still, we acknowledge that many of you don’t know if you can travel yet due to company policies or are concerned about the COVID-19 situation in general.

Even though we initially planned it as a European meeting, everyone is welcome. So virtual meetings aren’t always for the worse.


  • Eddy Stevens from Metrion Biosciences
    Title: Development of a QPatch current-clamp assay as a physiologically relevant screen for Kv1.3 inhibitors
  • Juha Kammonen from Charles River Labs
  • David Penton Ribas from the University of Zürich
    Title: Automated patch clamp in academic research. Challenges and opportunities
  • Mads P. G. Korsgaard, Product Manager – Qube 384
    Title: News & updates on Sophion instruments
  • Thomas Binzer, VP R&D and Marketing
    Title: Sophion Management Update



We have more speakers in the pipeline.

Stay tuned.


We reserve the right to turn down any registrant.

Virtual User Meeting hosted by Sophion NA

We had a fantastic slate of speakers representing a variety of different industries each presenting their experiences with automated patch clamping. These presentations were followed by a live demo of the QPatch II 48 Automated Patch-Clamp Instrument with a focus on the Temperature Control features. A big thank you to Application Scientist Melanie Schupp and Product Manager Mads Korsgaard for staying late in Ballerup in order to run the demo.

The meeting was well attended with over 50 external participants representing 27 separate institutions. We were thrilled to see attendees from all over the globe, with many calling in from Europe and even Japan.

Thanks also go to all of our speakers who did a fantastic job presenting their research in an engaging way in this new virtual environment, Daniel who did an excellent job of running the program, Schuyler who set up the WebEx platform and managed the production, and Daniel, Sung, and Weifeng for recruiting such a good group of speakers both from the industry as well as academia.

​​​The one thing we will need to work on for our next virtual User Meeting is to figure out how we can get the participants a round of Lord Hobo beer for the annual User Meeting beer tasting event!

If you take a picture of the QR code below you will have the opportunity to open it and see the agenda and the speaker bios.

Sophion User Meeting, Boston 2019

We look forward to seeing you again this year for our Sophion User Meeting in Boston.


Hilton Boston/Woburn, 2 Forbes Rd. Woburn, MA 01801


April 9

11:30 AM          Registration and lunch buffet


01:00 PM          Novel small molecule Nav channel blockers selectively targeting nociceptors
Dr Xiaguang Victor Chen, Nocion

01:30 PM          KnotBodies: an efficient platform to generate ion channel modulating antibodies by fusing venom-derived knottins into antibody CDR loops
Dr Damian Bell, Iontas

02:00 PM          Utilising the Qube in a CRO environment: Case studies from HTS and hit-to-lead projects
Dr Abigail Marklew, Charles River Laboratories

02:30 PM          Coffee break

03:30 PM          IPSC-Derived Human Neurons for Disease Modeling and Drug Discovery
Dr Mike Hendrickson, BrainXell

04:00 PM          Expanding ion channel assay capabilities using high-performance cell engineering
Dr Joan Foster, MaxCyte

04:30 PM          Qube update – version Eagle, motor neurons and adaptive protocols
Dr. Mads P G Korsgaard, Sophion Bioscience A/S

05:00 PM          Dinner

April 10

08:00 AM          Coffee

09:00 AM          Profiling sodium channels to improve drug candidate safety and efficacy using the
QPatch HT

Dr Bryan Koci, Eurofins

09:30 AM          Inhibitory effects of cannabidiol on voltage-dependent sodium currents
Dr Reza Ghovanloo, Simon Fraser University and Xenon Pharmaceuticals

10:00 AM          Coffee break

10:30 AM        Impact of equilibrium om interpretation of hERG QPatch data
Dr Anatoli Lvov, Novartis

11:00 AM          QPatch II – The next generation QPatch
Dr Göran Mattsson, Sophion Bioscience A/S

11:30 AM          Lunch at the hotel

01:00 PM          Open house at Sophion Bioscience, Inc.

05:00 PM          Wrap-up


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Crowne Plaza Boston/Woburn
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Comfort Inn Boston/Woburn
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Sophion User Meeting 2018 – Europe

Join us for a couple of days of great QPatch and Qube talks and good company


We are happy to invite you to our European Sophion User Meeting on 5th and 6th September 2018 and we are very pleased to announce that GSK in Stevenage kindly has offered to host the meeting this year.

We are preparing an interesting programme starting at noon on 5th September giving everyone a chance to travel to Stevenage in the morning. Wrap-up on 6th September just around lunchtime.

More information about the meeting will follow shortly.

Make sure to register for the meeting now as there are a limited number of seats.

Sophion User Meeting, Boston – Save the date!

We are still working with the agenda but can, at this point, reveal that we have the pleasure of having Julie Klint, Lundbeck as one of several speakers. Julie will give a talk titled: Finding NaV1.1 activators – development and validation of a HTS suitable assay on the Qube. Also Noah Shuart from Xenon will be giving a talk.


Hilton Boston/Woburn, 2 Forbes Rd. Woburn, MA 01801


April 10th

11.30 AM        Registration and lunch buffet

01.00 PM        Dr Kelly Gatfield, GSK: Tools for drug discovery: Early safety profiling and electrophysiology platforms for reducing attrition

01.30 PM        Dr Julie Klint, Lundbeck: Finding NaV1.1 activators – development and validation of a HTS suitable assay for the Qube 384

02.00 PM        Dr Noah Shuart, Xenon: Using Qube to assess IPSC neuronal sodium currents and studying mechanism of VSD4 binding ligands in heterologous expression systems

02.30 PM        Coffee break

03.00 PM        Bryan Koci, Eurofins: Optimization of cardiac safety pharmacology assay on the QPatch HT

03.30 PM        Dr Kris Kahlig, Praxis Precision Medicines: Benchmarking Eleclazine: Biophysical characterization of a cardiac late INa inhibitor

04.00 PM        Dr Mads P G Korsgaard, Sophion Bioscience A/S: Update on Qube 384

04.30 PM        Dr Daniel Sauter, Sophion Bioscience, Inc.: Light stimulated electrophysiology on Qube: applications for ligand-gated ion channels

05.30 PM        Wine tasting and tapas


April 11th

08.30 AM        Registration and coffee

09.00 AM        Dr Kathryn Henckels, Amgen: Development of a TMEM16A QPatch assay for assessing small molecule antagonists

09.30 AM        Dr Robert Petroski, Dart: Using the QPatch HTX for lead optimization of ligand-gated ion channels

10.00 AM        Coffee break

10.30 AM        Dr Haoyu Zeng, Merck: Systematic Performance Comparison between QPatch and PatchXpress for Cardiac Ion Channel Assays, and GLP-readiness Evaluation of QPatch for the CiPA Paradigm

11.00 AM        Dr Rasmus B Jacobsen, Sophion Bioscience A/S: QPatch, Past, Present and Future

11.30 AM        Lunch at hotel

01.00 PM        Open house at our new premises

05.00 PM        Wrap-up


Use this link for room booking at Hilton, Woburn.

Local hotels:

Hilton Boston/Woburn
2 Forbes Road, Woburn, MA
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Crowne Plaza Boston/Woburn
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Comfort Inn Boston/Woburn
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Sophion user meeting in our new facilities in Japan

To accommodate the needs of a growing customer base in Japan, we have expanded our laboratory and demo space in our Japanese facilities in Honjo-Waseda. This was celebrated with a three day user meeting; two days with work shop and one day with seminar with great talks on science. Both the demo room with QPatch and Qube side by side as well as the conference room were in use to accommodate the approx. 30 users that wanted to learn about the latest tips, tricks and software for QPatch and Qube 384. A great success with active interaction and continuing into the evenings with delicious Japanese foods.

Sophion Seminar & Workshop – Japan

You are invited to the Sophion Seminar & Workshop in Japan at Sophion Bioscience K.K.’s premises:


Waseda Research Park
1011 Nishitomida, Honjo, Saitama 367-0035, Japan



10:00          Registration

10:30          Welcome remarks and safety briefing
Dr. Yuji Tsurubuchi, Country Manager, Sophion Bioscience K.K., Japan

10:40          New ownership and future strategy at Sophion (tentative)
Mr. Thais Johansen, CEO, Sophion Bioscience A/S, Denmark

11:00          Educational lecture: Redox Physiology of TRP channels
Prof. Yasuo Mori, Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Department of Synthetic Chemistry and Biological Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University, Japan

12:00          Lunch break and new Sophion K.K. lab tour
Each participant is assigned to either group A or B at the time of registration. The tour starts at 12:00 and 12:45 for group A and B, respectively. Lunch is served for group A after the tour.

13:30          Potency of ReproNeuro “Human iPS derived neurons” in the drug discovery support
Dr. Makoto Honda, ReproCELL, Inc., Japan

13:50          iPS derived human cells; iCel®, MyCell® DDP/ “disease in a dish” and ideas of application for drug discovery
Dr. Ko Zushida, Cellular Dynamics International Japan Co., Ltd.

14:20          Using the QPatch HTX to drive drug discovery: ligand-gated ion channels
Dr. Robert E. Petroski, Scientist IV/Manager Neurophysiology, Dart Neuroscience LLC, USA

15:00          Coffee break

15:30          Targeting T-type calcium channel for anti-pain drug discovery
Dr. Norio Hashimoto, Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd., Japan

16:10          Exemplar of optical recording from neural and cardiac activities
Mr. Kenji Tsubokura, Brain Vision Co., Ltd., Japan

16:30          CiPA – novel drug safety assessment
Ms. Melanie Schupp, Application Scientist, Sophion Bioscience A/S, Denmark

16:50          Closing remarks
Mr. Naoto Ueda, President & CEO, Physio-Tech Co., Ltd., Japan

16.55          Bus transportation to the venue of reception

17:30          Reception (food and beverages are served)
Saitama Grand Hotel Honjo

19:30          Bus transportation to Honjo Waseda Station