Remote support during the COVID-19 pandemic

Due to the current, global situation, the need for remote training and support is larger than ever. For your convenience, we have therefore listed the tools we use for remote assistance to ensure your instruments and research keeps running.

Online video tutorials:

On the Sophion Academy pages, you can find our online tutorial videos. We are continuously expanding this section, so let us know if you have suggestions for topics. Just send us an email.

Teamviewer access:

For troubleshooting, we can access and diagnose your system online by using TeamViewer. You can download TeamViewer on our Technical Support page. Talk to your Field Service Engineer or Application Scientist about remote access to your system.

Video calls:

Both for technical issues and application support a video call can be a helpful tool. This way you can walk us through an issue and support can be given immediately. We use most available platforms, MS Teams, Skype for Business, Zoom, Whereby or others.

Debug files:

If problems arise debug files are a key tool to diagnose your QPatch or Qube 384. Learn how to download a debug file here or contact your Application Scientist or Field Service Engineer.

E-mails and phone:

As always you can reach out to your Application Scientist of Field Service Engineer


Inspiration for troubleshooting assays can also be found through Application Reports, peer-reviewed publications, posters and from videos of scientific talks that can be found on the Sophion Knowledge Center.

Stay safe. We are here to help.