Cav1.2 on QPatch with no rundown

CaV1.2 is widely expressed in the smooth muscle, pancreatic cells, fibroblasts, and neurons. However, it is particularly important and well known for its expression in the heart where it mediates L-type currents, which causes calcium-induced calcium release. It depolarizes at -30mV and is key in defining the shape of the action potential in cardiac and smooth muscle. It is, therefore, a key ion channel for accessing cardiac safety in drug discovery and one of the key channels investigated as a part of the HESI/FDA supported CiPA studies.

When testing compounds on CaV1.2 on the QPatch, we regularly achieve success rates of >85%, however rundown can be high in some CaV1.2 assays, something that makes it inherently difficult. We tested a new CaV1.2 cell line from Charles River Laboratories with very good results. Using this new cell line on the QPatch, you can look forward to rundown rates as low as -1.2% ± 0.6% per minute (n=43), resulting in trustworthy and reliable pharmacology.

You can read more about CaV1.2 assay on Qube 384 and QPatch here.

If you have issues with rundown in your CaV1.2 assay or would like more information and data about this particular cell line contact our application scientists Melanie Schupp.