Sophion – Empowering innovation in drug discovery

An increasing number of patents using QPatch data are published worldwide. More than 350 patent families have been published with the support of QPatch high-quality electrophysiology data since 2005. Last year alone 60 patent families were published supported with QPatch data and the rate of patents filed per year is increasing.

The majority of the patents are filed in the US (46%), with Japan and the UK as follow-ups (11% each) and Switzerland in close pursuit (10%). The remaining 22% comes from a variety of countries with China as the prominent with 5% of the patent filings and then Germany, Italy, Denmark, Sweden etc.
Not surprisingly the majority of patent applications come from big pharma like Shionogi, Dainippon, Novartis, AstraZeneca, J&J and Gilead, but surprisingly, many smaller pharmaceutical companies use the QPatch data as a part of their patent filing.


We are of course happy that QPatch is used actively, not only for drug discovery, compound characterization and cardiac safety studies, but are also that QPatch data is used in the patent filings worldwide.