Sophion User Meeting, Copenhagen 2019

We look forward to seeing you for the annual European Sophion User Meeting. This year the meeting will be held at our premises in Copenhagen, and we are preparing a two-day event with a full-day scientific programme on day 1 and a hands-on workshop on day two, where you can get the chance to discuss with our ion channel experts.

We plan to start around 9.00 AM on Thursday, September 5th and wrap up just after lunch on Friday, September 6th giving you the chance to spend the weekend in wonderful Copenhagen.

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5th September 2019

09.00     Registration – tea/coffee

09.15     Welcome remarks
Thais Johansen, Sophion Bioscience A/S

09.30     P2X3 and P2X2/3: The hare and the tortoise….
Jean Francois Rolland, Axxam SpA

10.00     Strategies for reducing attrition in early drug discovery
David Downie, GSK

10.30     Tea/coffee

11.00     NDMA assays on the Qube system
Abigail Marklew, Charles River Labs

11.30    QPatch HTX assay development for TRPM5 channel to successfully identify potentiators and blockers
Caterina Virginio, Aptuit (Evotec)

12.00    Potency determination of positive Nav1.1 modulators  measured on QPatch II
Julie Klint, Lundbeck

12.30     Lunch

13.30    TMEM16A potentiation: a novel therapeutic approach for the treatment of cystic fibrosis
Sarah Lilley, Enterprise Therapeutics

14.00    Resin-acid derivatives as hKv7.2/7.3 channel openers
Nina Ottosson, Lindköping University

14.30     Recent drug discovery applications run on QPatch in CRO collaborative mode
Edward Humphries, Metrion Biosciences

15.00     Tea/coffee

15.30     Update on QPatch II
Göran Mattsson, Sophion Bioscience A/S

15.50     Update on Qube; adaptive protocols and more…..
Mads P G Korsgaard, Sophion Bioscience A/S

16.10     Sophion developments projects update
Sandra Wilson, Sophion Bioscience A/S

16.30     Wrap up
17.00     Transport to the evening event
18.00     Dinner at Færgen Ellen / Kontiki Bar

6th September 2019

09.00    Tea/coffee
09.30    Workshop day is a day dedicated the user where we will touch base with the below issues:

  • Adaptive voltage protocols NEW FEATURE!
  • Temperature control, new feature on QPatch II coming up!
  • Custommade protocols
  • Advanced analysis – bring your own assays
  • Tips and tricks for cultivating cells
  • Learn about the daily cleaning procedure of your APC system

If you have other issues you’d like to hear about please let us know. Drop us an email.

13.00    Lunch
Wrap up