Sophion PNAS paper on nanomaterials & the blood brain barrier

Whilst Sophion are known for our expertise in ion channel recordings, our scientists are also leading the way in understanding the physiological effects of nanomaterials crossing the blood brain barrier (BBB).

PNAS cover image.
Metallic nanomaterials crossing the blood–brain barrier. Authors found that the shape, size, and intrinsic solubility of various metallic nanomaterials influence their biotransformation, which modulates their transport form, efficiency, and pathways through the blood brain barrier and subsequent neurotoxicity.

Nanomaterials hold great promise for future technologies & applications. But as we enter this brave new nanoworld, so we must determine the safety of these new materials.

Funded by the Marie Curie charity this seminal study was an academic-industry collaboration crossing four countries & two continents, in which Sophion’s head of innovation & technology development Dr. Sandra Wilson was a co-author. The study authors also created the cover image & was published in the prestigious journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

The study investigated the effects of metallic nanomaterials crossing the BBB, leading to better understanding of these materials in the body & their potential for neurotoxicity in the brain. This invaluable study will allow us to make safer nanomaterials with a range of uses including drug delivery & nanomedicines.

Congratulations to first author Zhiling Guo, Sandra & all authors on this groundbreaking research. You can follow this link to read more.