Sophion at the forefront of cardiac ion channel electrophysiology

Cardiac ion channels are critical in the generation and maintenance of the cardiac action potential which drives the heartbeat. Consequently, cardiac ion channel safety assessment of new chemical entities (NCEs) for any new drug approval is a critical element of drug discovery.

In two recent publications, Sophion scientists have added to the cardiac ion channel field.

In collaboration with Toho University, Kazuya Tsurudome, Hironori Ohshiro and Taku Izumi, scientists from Sophion’s Tokyo labs, generated Qube data on the anti-atrial fibrillatory drug Oseltamivir against a panel of cardiac ion channels.

The second publication co-written by Damian Bell and Bernard Fermini, the highly experienced cardiac safety pharmacologist, was a review on automated patch clamp, the latest developments in functionality, how APC has been adopted and is changing cardiac safety assessment in drug discovery.

Both publications can be accessed here.

Read more about cardiac ion channels and Qube/QPatch here.


Oseltamivir effects on 5 cardiac ion channel currents – figure copied from Kambayashi et al., Frontiers in Pharmacology, 2021