Sophion and Genedata announces integration of QPatch II and Qube 384 data to Genedata Screener

We are therefore happy to announce that we, from the forthcoming Genedata Screener release in summer 2021, will be a Genedata ready-to-run partner offering seamless integration to Genedata from the Qube 384 and QPatch II platforms.

Many QPatch or Qube 384 use Genedata for compiling screening data from different platforms into one joint analyzer platform so that APC data can be analyzed in a screening context, i.e., integrated with molecule and assay property information. Also, while Sophion users are confident with Sophion Analyzer, data often needs to be communicated and understood by, e.g. chemists. Genedata is thus also used as a joint company-wide platform for sharing and analyzing data.

Read the press release here and read more about the Genedata solution here.