Society for Neuroscience posters on large molecule drug discovery & stem cell (hiPSC) derived neuron recordings using automated patch clamp

The world’s neuroscientists gather virtually for the annual Society for Neuroscience meeting this week, November 8-11th (with preview days on 3rd – 7th).

We are, as always, present.

Elaine Duncan (CRL and Uni Glasgow) as well as Sophion scientists Drs. Beatrice Badone & Kim Boddum will present the latest developments via virtual poster video walk-throughs at SfN.

Large molecules and APC

Visit poster (01) to see Elaine Duncan and Charles River Laboratories project with Venomtech Ltd. They identified novel and selective sodium channel modulators by screening a fractionated venom library on the Sophion Qube 384. Live poster session is at 14:45 GMT on Tuesday 9th November.

Another virtual poster (05) will be presented by Kim Boddum addressing the potential of recombinant monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) to neutralize snake venom. Live poster session is at 16:00 GMT on 11th November.

Both studies add another piece to the puzzle that shows that automated patch clamp is (also) highly relevant for large molecule drug discovery.


Stem cells and APC

If you are interested in stem cell work on APC, please listen in on Beatrice Badone’s virtual poster presentation (P937.01). Beatrice talks about using APC systems QPatch and Qube 384 for studying voltage-gated (NaV, KV) and ligand-gated (GABAA) ion channels by comparing two different brain models: i) primary neurons and astrocytes dissociated from mouse and rat brains, respectively; and ii) hiPSC-derived motor neurons. Live poster session is at 16:00 GMT on Thursday 11th November.


Click here to see the live presentations. Please note that you will need to sign up for the meeting to get access to the live presentations.