Technical Support - Sophion

Technical Support

Our service engineers and application scientists work as a team to provide QPatch, Qube and QPatch Compact users with the best support possible.

With field offices and technical specialists worldwide to collaborate with you, we can provide rapid response on service and scientific calls for all our users.

In some instances, it is a great help for the support team to get data from your specific instrument. To provide that, please click here.

Ensure optimal performance

Our team ensures that your QPatch, Qube and QPatch Compact system performs optimally, continuously and reliably. For QPatch and Qube, installation, maintenance, and software upgrades performed by our certified Field Engineers will extend the lifetime of your instruments. For QPatch Compact, you manage this yourself with the assistance of online guides and tutorials.

Prevent unscheduled downtime

Automated Patch Clamp instruments are delicate instruments, and proper maintenance and calibration are critical to obtaining high success rates and good quality data. With a service plan, you have ensured two preventive maintenance visits a year for QPatch and Qube and in-shop repair for QPatch Compact.

In-shop repair means you will be provided with a fresh module and asked to return the used/maintenance-requiring one to Sophion.


No unexpected expenses

A service plan provides you with financial security. No surprises, and full transparency of service cost.


Qube 384, QPatch or QPatch Compact system warranty

Our Qube, QPatch and QPatch Compact system warranty guarantees that a defective system will be repaired or replaced at no cost to you during the warranty period by Sophion. The patch clamping system warranty does not include preventive maintenance, application support or service support.

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