Service and support - Sophion

A lot more
than hardware

Much more than an instrument

Our dedicated application scientist will support you in setting up assays quickly and with high quality and success rate.


Our skilled field service engineers are placed globally and can respond with short notice ensuring that your instrument is performing at all times.


State-of-Art service and support has always been our priority

We take pride in providing optimal support and we wish to build long-lasting partnerships with our customers by working as a team. Over the years, we have created game-changing solutions together and we wish to continue that path. A high level of customer service always wins in the long run and it is your insurance for continued development within your area.

Importantly – you only need one point of contact for assay development, support, service and consumables.

Navigate in the top bar above to learn more about our technical and application services and how we can help you optimize cell lines or assays….. and let us know if you need anything.


A phone call is enough to get immediate support

Dr. Ioana Neagoe, Evotec