Qube Falcon is ready to increase your lab efficiency

Qube Falcon has been released and with that a range of upgrades to continue help finding better drugs faster. Since Eagle, Qube has had adaptive protocols which enables cell-specific recording to obtain much tighter data. Now the adaptive protocols have been more now flexible to cover the whole range from 10-90 % activation/inactivation. The cell-specific result can also be applied to both recording segments and to holding potentials.

Falcon can run idle sweep. These are the sweeps between one compound period and the next and gives more homogenous stimulation frequency of the cells and consequently compound effects.

Qube has sophisticated mechanisms to compensate for series resistance, capacitance and leak and with Falcon, we have faster computers to calculate all these parameters in parallel for all 384 amplifiers in only a little more than 4 seconds. Previously it took almost 10 seconds. The improvement means you can e.g. run CiPA hERG protocols with parameter estimation between every sweep.

Qube is a high fidelity automated patch clamp instrument meant to run unattended, for example during the night, and therefore it can also automatically match the barcodes/compound lists your screen and add results and analyzed them automatically in projects.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and both virtual and real-life demonstrations where you get to run the instrument yourself after just a few hours of introduction – that is namely all it takes to safely and error-free handling of an instrument from Sophion.