QPatch ll 48 installed at ApconiX

ApconiX, the integrated toxicology and ion channel company, has acquired a QPatch ll 48 with temperature control to meet the increasing demand from their clients. As the first CRO to invest in QPatch II in the UK, this instrument allows the ApconiX team to continue to deliver top-quality ion channel services for their existing and new clients and to further deliver on their exceptional data quality and rapid turnaround time.

The QPatch ll system was selected for its unique possibility to achieve gigaohm seals in physiological solutions, without the use of seal enhancers and for its ability to control the temperature at the measurement sites. The instrument was installed at the beginning of November and the installation went smoothly. The ApconiX team were able to handle assay setup, execution of experiments and results analysis within the week of installation and training.

Director and Co-founder of ApconiX, Michael Morton, explains:

“We know Sophion Bioscience from collaborations in the past and we have used QPatch with great success, so it was an obvious choice to start up the partnership again to meet the increased demand. Of course, our clients demand high-quality data, and many have specific requests such as running assays in physiological solutions and better temperature control during runs. QPatch ll was the obvious choice for us since it meets all these demands and more. QPatch II has some great updates and new features, and the new design is stunning. Most significantly, it’s great to be part of the Sophion family again and I look forward to future collaborations with them.


ApconiX are experts in ion channel biology, target safety assessments and in all aspects of nonclinical programme design and delivery.

ApconiX was formed by three AstraZeneca colleagues with the drive and ambition to create a world-renowned company founded on the skills and experience of a growing team with a wide range of expertise in nonclinical drug safety.

The model for the pharmaceutical industry has evolved in recent years with large pharma reducing internal capability and outsourcing key skills to trusted partners.  There are many more SMEs and academic groups who also need access to specialised services. https://www.apconix.com/