HEK293-Cav2.2 for QPatch - Sophion

HEK293-Cav2.2 for QPatch

Author(s): Rasmus Bjørn Jacobsen

It is common that potential customers ask Sophion Bioscience to use QPatch to test some of their compounds on specific ion channels before buying a system. In this application report, we present some of the results obtained from a validation study done for a pharmaceutical company. Currents from the N-type
voltage-gated calcium channels (CaV2.2) were studied using
QPatch. A blocker of the CaV2.2 current, compound A, was
applied in increasing concentrations to study the dose-response
effects and estimate IC50 values. Furthermore, flunarizine which is known to block T-type Ca2+/Na+ channels and have low potency on N-type Ca channels, was tested.