Qube 384 screening and quantification of temperature effects on ion channel targets

Temperature control for Qube 384

Qube offers the ability to record high fidelity electrophysiological effects at varying temperatures. Control of the temperature is embedded in the Viewpoint software that is used to control Qube.

With temperature sensors placed very close the recording sites, the feedback loop ensures a stable experiment. The actual temperature reading is also available as data and hence for analysis.

The temperature can be both raised and lowered compared to the ambient temperature. This allows for even more sophisticated experiments on the 384-platform.

Features & Benefits:

QChip temperature:

  • can be elevated to 40 °C
  • can be reduced to 5-8 °C above the dew point in the surrounding environment
  • varies maximally +/- 1.6 °C across the plate
  • varies maximally +/- 1 °C during the experiment



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