QPlate in single and multi-hole, genuine gigaohm seal formation and glass flow channels

QPlate - gigaohm performance in physiological solutions


QPlate, the biochip for QPatch, provides a non-compromised test environment that ensures consistent quality time after time.

Integrated dual electrodes per measurement site eliminate the need for electrode maintenance and the risk of electrode drift, thus ensuring consistent high-quality data. The silicon chip substrate for patch clamping enables true-gigaseal recordings in physiological ringers, without the need for seal enhancers.

  • Genuine gigaohm seal formation in physiological solutions
  • Glass flow channels minimize adsorption of compounds and ensure complete exchange of compounds
  • Dual electrode per well eliminates maintenance and electrode drift
  • Single- and multi-hole QPlates are available

QPlates are available in four different configurations:

  • QPlate 16 (one patch hole)
  • QPlate 16X (ten patch holes per well)
  • QPlate 48 (one patch hole)
  • QPlate 48X (ten patch holes per well)

The unique design of the QPlate makes it perfect for high-quality data recordings and advanced measurement needs. The QPlate design enables gigaseal formation in physiological saline, without the need for enhancing the seal with additives, making the QPatch ideal for, among others, cardiac safety studies and stem cells.

  • Giga-seal technology
  • No seal enhancers needed
  • No electrode maintenance
  • Glass based for low adsorption
  • Series resistance compensation up to 100% is possible
  • Current clamp recordings as well as voltage- and ligand-gated


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