QPlate 8 and 8X - Sophion

QPlate 8 and 8X

The unique design of the Sophion QPlate makes it perfect for

The QPlate is unique with the microflow based design and silicon-coated lining that assure efficient compound exchange and gigaohm seals without the use of seal enhancers

high-quality data recordings and advanced measurement needs. The QPlate design enables gigaseal formation in physiological saline, without the need for enhancing the seal with additives, making the QPatch ideal for, among others, cardiac safety studies and stem cells.

  • Giga-seal technology
  • Microflow channels for efficient compound exchange
  • No seal enhancers needed
  • No electrode maintenance
  • Glass based for low adsorption
  • Current clamp recordings as well as voltage- and ligand-gated
  • 10 patch holes per well

QPlate 8 and 8X can only be used on QPatch Compact

  • Each of the 8 wells can be used individually or as many as you like
  • Unused wells can be used at a later time but ‘best before’ a week from first use.
  • Built-in barcode scanner and software remember which wells have been used

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