High throughput screening on ion channels with Qube 384

High throughput screening made easy

Qube 384

High throughput screening made easy

Qube 384, Sophion’s high throughput screening system, is our way of making ion channel research easy. Combining giga-seal recordings with an actual walk-away operation is a reliable tool in making drug discovery more efficient. Qube is high fidelity voltage-clamp where each cell can be clamped at its V½-potential to elucidate compound mode-of-action better. The temperature is controlled at the cellular level and both heated and cooled. The temperature value is also available for the subsequent analysis.

Qube finally bridges the gap between high throughput and high fidelity in ion channel assays and provides:

  • Online Vxx estimation for both activation and inactivation applied to both Vhold and Vstim
  • 90-95% success rates are easily achieved (E.g. hERGNaV1.7, CaV1.2)
  • True walk-away operation – 6,000 wells tested with a single click – run overnight
  • Voltage, ligand and current-clamp recordings with full individual parameter compensation in just over 4 s
  • Whole-cell and perforated patch
  • Gigaseal recording ensure high fidelity data and high signal to noise ratio
  • Temperature control
  • Intelligent compound handling to ensure correct concentrations at the measurement site
  • Robust analysis with Sophion Analyzer Software automatic project analysis means data are ready for your interpretation shortly after the run
  • Seamless integration to Genedata Screener and export format for FDA

Qube 384 is high throughput screening on ion channels made easy

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