Current Clamp for QPatch - Sophion

Current Clamp for QPatch

Typical paced action potentials in Cor.4U cells recorded using a fluoride-based internal solution. The red arrows indicate the injection of 1.5 nA for
1 ms from a holding current of 0 pA. The use of fluoride in the internal solution resulted typically in much shorter, triangulated action potentials.

QPatch can also carry out current clamp experiments. All sites can switch between voltage clamp and current clamp in the same protocol. And multiple protocols can be combined so even including a ligand gated recording is possible in the same experiment.

  • Voltage- and current clamp can be combined in the same protocol
  • Possible to include up to 500 segments protocol
  • Segments can be as short as 1 ms
  • User-defined sampling rate up to 50 kHz

See also our application report on: “Voltage and current clamp recordings of Cor.4U human iPS cell-derived cardiomyocytes using Sophion’s QPatch” LINK, for example data and description


Effect of different pharmacological agents on paced action potentials
recorded in the current clamp mode. Cells were paced using a 1 ms long pulse
of 1.5 nA.