Posters from ICMS2019 in Cambridge UK now online

Nine posters from ICMS 2019 in Cambridge UK are online. Thank you to the authors for the contribution to make this years meeting another success


  • Cole BA et al 2019. Structure-based identification of novel KNa1.1 inhibitors (Uni of Leeds)
  • Chakrabarti et A l 2019. In vitro inflammatory knee pain: Of Mice and Men (Uni of Cambridge)
  • McCoull et Al 2018. Development of a novel screening system to identify activators of Two-pore domain potassium channels (K2Ps) (LifeArc)
  • Moreels L et al 2019. Generating potent and selective inhibitors of Kv1.3 ion channels by fusing venom derived mini proteins into peripheral CDR loops of antibodies (Iontas)
  • Marklew A et al 2019. Development and validation of NMDA ligand-gated ion channel assays using the Qube 384 automated electrophysiology platform (Charles River Laboratories)
  • Rosholm et al 2019. Characterization of hiPSC-derived neurological disease models using automated patch clamp (Qube and QPatch) (Sophion)
  • Sauter D et al 2019. Biophysical and pharmacological profiling of multiple voltage-gated sodium channel subtypes on QPatch II (Sophion)
  • Williams S and Kammonen J 2019. Adaptive voltage protocols increase precision of voltage-gated ion channel measurements on highthroughput automated patch clamp platforms (Charles River Laboratories)
  • Schombert B et al 2019. A pharmacological synopsis of small molecules, toxins and CiPA compounds targeting human cardiac Kv4.3 channels (Sanofi)

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