Plant cell electrophysiology on QPatch II

Caroline Ivsic came to our labs as an intern in Ballerup, Copenhagen, with a passion for environmental & green issues. Marrying Caroline’s passion with our passion for ion channels, she recently presented her work developing QPatch II recordings of plant cells alongside fellow students on the course at Sup’Biotech, as reported on LinkedIn.

Plant cells have distinct challenges in making electrophysiological recordings, e.g. removal of the cellulose wall to give the ‘clean’ lipid membrane recording surface of a protoplast. Caroline’s work provides progress towards plant cell ion channel assay development, which in future could be developed into plant ion channel assays to combat plant disease, reduce synthetic fertilizer use, develop environmentally friendly insecticides & improved crop yields.

If you have interest in plant cell ion channel recordings on QPatch or Qube, for further info please feel free to contact us at