ICMS2019 - Programme - Sophion



Day one – wednesday

08.00                  Registration and tea/coffee


09.00                  Welcome remarks


Session 1 – Professor Stephen Tucker – University of Oxford, UK


09.15          Dr Guillaume Sandoz – University of Côte d’Azur, France

Migraine-associated TRESK mutations increase neuronal excitability through alternative translation initiation and inhibition of TREK


09.40          Dr. Marcus Schewe – Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Germany

A Pharmacological master key mechanism that unlocks the selectivity filter gate in K+ channels


10.05          Professor Sarosh Irani – University of Oxford, UK

Autoantibodies in the human brain: how immunology upsets neurons


10.30          Tea/Coffee, Exhibits and Posters


11.15          Professor Sylvie Ducki – Institut de Chimie de Clermont-Ferrand, France

TREK-1 activation to solve the opioid crisis?


11.40          Professor Slav Bagriantsev – Yale University, USA

Cellular and molecular basis of mechanosensory specialization


12.05          Dr David Hackos – Genentech, USA

Structural basis of toxin binding to voltage-gated sodium channels and what it teaches us about voltage-gating mechanisms


12.30          Lunch


Session 2 – Professor David Wyllie – Edinburgh University, UK


14.00          Dr Paul Wright – LifeArc, UK

A ‘Target-class’ approach to identifying novel activators of K2P channels


14.25          Professor Fusao Kato – Jikei University, Japan

Molecular conversion of presynaptic P2X receptor subtype at brainstem synapse


14.50          Dr Sung-Young Kim – Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Drug development strategies of Nav1.7 blocker


15.15          Tea/coffee, exhibits and posters


16.00          Professor Jack Mellor – Bristol University, UK

SK channel regulation of synaptic plasticity


16.25          Professor Isabel Pérez-Otaño – Alicante Institute of Neuroscience, Spain

Juvenile NMDA receptors containing the GluN3A subunit: gatekeepers of synapse plasticity, cognition and brain disease


16.50          Professor Thomas Jentsch – Max-Delbrueck-Center Berlin, Germany

The ClC-2 chloride channel and its role in aldosterone secretion


17.15          Wrap up


17.30          Drinks reception in the Scholar’s Garden


18.30          Dinner in the Great Hall of Clare College


Day 2 – thursday

08.00          Tea/coffee


09.00          Welcome remarks


Session 3 – Professor David Beech – Leeds University, UK


09.05          Professor Stefan Feske – New York University, USA

Ion Channels in Immunity: CRAC channels and beyond


09.30          Professor Dr Marc Freichel – University of Heidelberg, Germany

Regulating pathological cardiac remodelling via TRPC channels and new players in endo-lysosomal Ca2+ signalling


09.55          Professor Insuk So – Seoul National University, Korea

TRPC1 as a negative regulator for TRPC4 and TRPC5 channels


10.20          Tea/coffee, exhibits and posters


11.20          Professor Alex Sobolevsky – Columbia University, USA

Structural and functional studies of vanilloid subtype TRP channels


11.45          Professor Thomas Voets – KU Leuven, Belgium

Temperature-sensitive TRP channels as drug targets


12.10          Professor Yoshihiro Kubo – National Institute for Physiological Sciences (NIPS), Japan

Phosphoinositides modulate the voltage dependence of Two-Pore Channel 3


12.35          Lunch


Session 4 – Professor Annette Dolphin – University College London, UK


14.00          Professor Mala Shah – University College London, UK

Function and modulation of axonal KV7 channels in hippocampal neurons


14.25          Professor Fredrik Elinder – Linköping University, Sweden

Resin-acid derivatives open potassium channels via the voltage-sensor domain – a putative anti-seizure action


14.50          Dr Paul Miller – University of Cambridge, UK

Insights into understanding and developing modulators of GABA-A receptors


15.15          Professor Dimitri Kullmann – University College London, UK

Ion channel gene therapy for refractory epilepsy


15.40          Wrap up