Presentations ICMS2019, Boston - Sophion

Presentations ICMS2019, Boston


Professor Isabelle Baconguis – Vollum Institute
Title: Architecture of the proteolysis-regulated epithelial sodium channel



Dr. Yonghong Bai – Amgen
Title: Structural basis for pharmacological modulation of the TRPC6 channel elucidated by cryo-EM



Professor Stephen Meriney – University of Pittsburgh
Title: Novel voltage-gated calcium channel gating modifiers with therapeutic potential



Dr Paul Colussi – Tetragenetics
Title: Discovery of functional monoclonal antibodies against Kv1.3 and kCa3.1 using the TetraExpressTM protein expression platform



Professor Ellen Lumpkin – University of California, Berkeley
Title: TTX-sensitive sodium channels mediate action potential firing in menthol-sensitive neurons of the dorsal root ganglion



Professor Len Kaczmarek – Yale University
Title: Regulation of cellular signaling by potassium channels



Professor Geoffrey Abbott – University of California, Irvine
Title: Direct activation of potassium channels by neurotransmitters and ancient medicines



Professor Derek Bowie – McGill University
Title: Structural underpinnings of ionotropic glutamate receptor activation



Dr Daniel Sauter – Sophion Bioscience, Inc.
Title: Towards more physiological assays: iPSC-derived neurons tested on the 384 channel automated patch clamp platform Qube



Dr. Bryan Moyer – Amgen
Title: Multi-modality approach to identify Nav1.7 inhibitors for pain



Dr Anna Greka – Broad Institute of MIT
Title: Ion channel targeted therapy for rare disease


Dr Vera Moiseenkova-Bell – University of Pennsylvania
Molecular Mechanisms of TRPV Channels Gating Revealed by Cryo-EM