Ion Channels in Cancer Biology from Signaling to Therapy (ICCB) - Sophion

Ion Channels in Cancer Biology from signaling to Therapy

This international symposium will be an inaugural 3-day scientific event providing one kind of platform for critical analysis and to share latest cutting-edge research findings, most recent movements and latest upgrades inside the new field of “Ion Channels and Cancer”.


Traditionally, changes of ionic gradients are known to control a variety of rapid biological processes including action potentials and secretion. However, mounting evidence suggests a critical role of ion channels in cell proliferation and/or survival with implication in physiology as well as in diseases such as cancer. Nevertheless, the role of specific classes of ion channels in controlling these events and the possibility of targeting ion channels as anticancer therapy are still understudied. The symposium will gather selected academics and industry-based scientists in the field of ion channels in cancer.


This symposium is a non-profit event. Any profit made from this symposium will be donated to the Capuan department of Donne Come Noi (in English “Women like us”), an Italian cancer charity organisation for women.


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