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Did you miss our webinar novel patch clamp assays to advance pain research?

Talks by neuroscientist Reza Ghovanloo from Yale School of Medicine and Daniel Sauter from Sophion


Snake bite antidotes using engineered human antibodies discovered

New research and paper discover and optimize a broadly-neutralizing human monoclonal antibody against long-chain α-neurotoxins from snakes.


How can we encourage more women to take leading positions in science?

Females are underrepresented in leading positions in science and technology fields. Read Sandra Wilson’s story about when she became interested in science and has made it all the way to a leading position at Sophion Bioscience.


New software release for QPatch II available

Today, we launch the next software upgrade to QPatch ll, named Mars. With the new software suite, you can increase the output of your ion channel research even further.

Ion channel recordings in freshly isolated primary DRG neurons

World first: High throughput ion channel recordings of isolated primary dorsal root ganglion (DRG) neurons on Yale University’s Qube 384

Ion channel recordings in isolated primary DRG neurons. New paper from Stephen Waxman‘s lab at Yale University. New paper from Stephen Waxman‘s lab at Yale University


Early career scientists can apply for research and travel grants from Sophion Bioscience

Scientists in the early stages of their careers are eligible for grants offered by Sophion Bioscience. Don’t miss the February opportunity to apply for our research and travels grants!


Bruce Bean and Clifford Woolf Labs at Harvard Medical School Acquire QPatch Compact

In support of their program developing novel treatments for pain, the Bruce Bean and Clifford Woolf labs at Harvard Medical School have acquired QPatch Compact


New video tutorials to help you get the best start with QPatch Compact

New video tutorials and technical support documentation are available to help our customers adopt a best-practice workflow when working on QPatch Compact.


QPatch II secured the best infrastructure for Linköping University’s new academic core facility

Linköping University has installed Sophion’s high-throughput automated patch clamp Patch II system at its national academic core facility for ion channel research.


Sophion technology helped Metrion Biosciences meet higher customer demands and growing assay complexity

For Metrion Biosciences, access to automated patch clamp – and Sophion’s QPatch and Qube solutions – makes all the difference in their ability to undertake more complex, higher-capacity projects.

QPatch & Qube users have been busy in Q3, publishing 19 more publications

19 new articles, from cancer to cardiac safety, from trypanosomiasis to tuberculosis, on Sophion automated patch clamp platforms


Sussex Drug Discovery Centre and Sophion Bioscience announce new strategic partnership

A strengthened collaboration between Sussex Drug Discovery Centre and Sophion Bioscience provides academic researchers with easier access to our APC technology, and with a new application scientist in place, our UK automated patch clamp users will benefit from even better customer support going forward.

ICMS Cambridge 2022 revisited

See why some of the delegates attend ICMS every year and feel the atmosphere from the symposium last June in Cambridge, UK

Nav1.5 screening in hiPSC-derived cardiomyocytes

New Application Report: QPatch II assay for human cardiac Nav1.5

New ion channel posters

New posters on Pain and Cancer are now available. Get the complete set.


Sophions third webinar on APC and iPSC. Did you miss it?

Here is the third Sophion webinar on Automated Patch Clamp and iPSC; this one focuses on patch clamp measurements of IK1 currents in human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes.


Sign up for our next webinar

Webinar coming up. Learn about manual and automated patch clamp measurements of IK1 currents in human-induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes.

Sophion research and travel grants

Sophion Bioscience offers research and travel grants for early career scientists

Make your next big breakthrough using our Automated Patch Clamp technology in your research studies. Or maybe you already have the data and want to tell the world. Don’t miss the September opportunity to apply for our research and travels grants!

Sophion CRAC Poster

Challenging CRAC channel assays recorded on Sophion’s platforms and without any use of seal enhancers

New poster presents different depletion strategies for activation of CRAC channel current on QPatch and (Qube).

New QPatch and Qube 384 publications in first half of 2022

Sophion automated patch clamp users have been publishing 28 publications in Q1 and 17 in Q2

Safety pharmacology with aging population Sophion paper

Sophion-authored paper addresses the challenge of safety pharmacology in the elderly

A call to arms for action on the challenge of an aging population and the lack of safety assessment in medicines for this growing demographic.


Latest advances in stem cell recordings on APC reviewed

An extensive review in Frontiers co-authored by Sophion Bioscience and the University of Göttingen highlights big strides in our understanding of ion channels.


Successful hERG recordings at 22°C and 35°C on QPatch II

New application report highlights the importance of temperature on the activity and pharmacology of hERG


Did you miss our second webinar on APC and iPSC from last week?

To watch the May 19th webinar, click here


Collaborative paper on antibodies neutralizing cobratoxin published by the University of Toronto, Technical University of Denmark and Sophion Bioscience

The power of phage display used to discover antibodies to neutralize snake toxins, is creating a new generation of engineered, tailored antivenom to treat snakebite.

New webinar coming up

Join us for yet another webinar on Automated Patch Clamp and iPSC. This time with focus on cellular, molecular and electrophysiological characterization of CDKL5 deficiency disorder in iPSC-derived neurons.

Large Molecules: New application report focus on Wnt signaling pathway activation

A new application report highlights the possibility to obtain automated patch clamp (APC) ion channel recordings modulated by the fragile and scarce Wnt proteins. Wnt 9B, 5A and 10B, were all shown to activate ion channel currents in PC3 cells.

Did you miss last weeks’ webinar “APC and iPSC?

In case you missed the webinar on 15th March, you can watch it here

20 new publications on QPatch or Qube

First publication from Yale; more venom toxin research from University of Queensland; Qube stem cell studies taking off


Two papers published by Nanyang Technological University Singapore on QPatch

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, advances research on ion channels in disease and immunity with QPatch II


Big steps in cardiomyocyte action potential recordings on QPatch II

hiPSC-cardiomyocyte current clamp action potential recordings


Sophion Travel & Research Grants for students and early career researchers

Sophion announces support for young scientists to present or generate data

QPatch Compact on display at SLAS, in Boston, USA

Come by booth #1641 to discover more about QPatch Compact, our alternative to manual patch clamping

Did you miss our webinar last week?

View or review our webinar from last week on APC and large molecules

QPatch Compact semi-automated patch clamping

Introducing QPatch Compact – semi-automated patch clamping

The ready-to-use QPatch Compact solution lets you conduct experiments with fast and easier access to all your patch-clamp data. Take advantage of the flexibility in manual patch clamping and benefit from the robustness, ease, and simplicity of automated patch clamping with QPatch Compact.

Yale’s Waxman lab publishes first paper on Qube 384

In the first of many, the Waxman lab has published its first Qube paper

Happy Holidays

Sending the warmest thoughts and best wishes for a Wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year – click to see our greeting

Brand new publications published in Q3 using Qube 384 or QPatch

Scientists are busy and productive people. We have gathered 10 brand new publications using QPatch and Qube that were published in Q3. 

hIPSC Cardiomyocyte recordings using physiological solutions on QPatch II

hiPSC cardiomyocyte recordings using physiological solutions on QPatch ll

The electrophysiological characterization included voltage-gated recordings and paced action potential measurements, all performed on hiPSC cardiomyocytes

Society for Neuroscience posters on large molecule drug discovery & stem cell (hiPSC) derived neuron recordings using automated patch clamp

Again this year, there is plenty of interesting content at SfN for Ion Channel aficionados. Check out these three virtual poster presentations on large molecule drug discovery and stem cell characterization.

Leiurus quinquestriatus hebraeus also known as the death stalker. Photo credit: Arie van der Meijden / University of Porto

Large molecules and automated patch clamp: A case study of Scorpion toxin block of BK channels on Qube 384

Pharmacological characterization of charybdotoxin evaluated on Qube in fluoride-free solutions

QPatch II at Linköping University

Linköping University epilepsy research accelerated by QPatch II

“[QPatch II] enables us to carry out experiments around 48 times more rapidly. Work that normally takes a year can be completed in approximately a week … it will enable us to open up new territory”

hIPSC Cardiomyocyte recordings using physiological solutions on QPatch II

iPSC cardiomyocyte recordings on QPatch II with success rates of up to 50%

In collaboration with the University of Göttingen generated QPatch II recordings of cardiomyocytes with a fantastic result

Sophion, DTU, Universidad Costa Rica & IONTAS collaboration on breakthrough antivenom paper

Discovery and development of a monoclonal antibody to neutralize Cobra venom

Sophion PNAS paper on nanomaterials & the blood brain barrier

In a Marie Curie funded collaboration with the University of Birmingham, UK, Sandra Wilson has co-authored a paper on the potential effects of nanomaterials crossing the blood brain barrier

Ion channel talks for graduate and undergraduate students

Daniel Sauter recently gave a talk on ‘Ion Channel Drug Discovery’ at Universidad De La Salle Bajio, Mexico. Watch the recording on Facebook or contact us if you would like us to do similar educational talks at your institution.

Plant cell electrophysiology on QPatch II

Internship poster presents plant cell ion channel recordings on QPatch II

Global academic-industry collaboration developing anti-venom antibodies

DTU researchers discuss their latest findings in developing antibodies to neutralize snake venom toxins

New Whitepaper: Automated Patch Clamp in Cystic Fibrosis Drug Discovery

A case study on how Enterprise Therapeutics successfully applied automated patch clamp in primary screening and lead optimization in its TMEM16A drug discovery programme

Sophion and Genedata announces integration of QPatch II and Qube 384 data to Genedata Screener

Full integration of Qube 384 and QPatch II data to Genedata Screener will ensure that APC data can be analyzed in a screening context, i.e., integrated with molecule and assay property information, scaling from one to hundreds of plates per batch.

Two cardiac publications authored by Sophion scientists

Sophion Japan collaborated with Toho University on Oseltamivir an anti-afibrillatory; a review of APC in cardiac safety assessment.

Virtual Ion Channel Modulation Symposium 2021

This years’ ICMS will be virtual. Mark your calendar.

QPatch II 48 at University of Zürich

Are you in Switzerland and interested in automated electrophysiology?

New software release for Qube and QPatch II

We are happy to announce our brand new update on Sophion Analyzer

10 toasty-fresh-off-the-press publications were published in Q1 using QPatch or Qube 384.

Cardiac safety testing of antimalarials repurposed as potential Covid-19 treatments; modulator chemistry of Kv7/M-channels & their diseases; transient expression of chronic pain related Cav2.2 & Nav1.7 channels.

Sophion Virtual User Meeting

Mark your calendar for our next virtual User Meeting

7 new peer-reviewed papers & 2 methods book chapters QPatch or Qube 384 in Q4

9 new publications were published in Q4 using QPatch or Qube 384. Two book chapters in the Springer-Nature published methods book ‘Patch Clamp Electrophysiology’ (co-edited by Drs. Mark Dallas & Damian Bell) were written by Sophion scientists, one on Qube perforated patch-clamp, the other on optogenetics using the Opto Qube 384. These chapters add to …

iPSC-derived cortical neurons characterized with Qube 384

Nav- and Kv-channels quantified in cortical neurons and a patient population

Visit our lab from the comfort of your home

…go for a tour in the Sophion Laboratory to learn more about our APC solutions, events, publications, amplifiers etc etc. You can bring coffee

High Throughput Screening on Kv1.5 using Qube 384 Mk II

Screen with high success rates and large screening window

Drug Discovery for Ion Channels XXII – virtual satellite Meeting

Join us for the virtual satellite meeting Drug Discovery for Ion Channels XXII

QPatch ll 48 installed at ApconiX

ApconiX upgrade their APC capabilities with a QPatch ll 48 to meet the increasing demand for high-quality data

Twelve new peer-reviewed publications using QPatch or Qube 384 in Q3

Predatory marine cone snails and the effect of CBD (Cannabis) on seven major cardiac currents. The topics are diverse in the 12 publications using QPatch or Qube 384 that were published in peer-reviewed papers in Q3 2020.

First ever QPatch ll installation in South Korea

SK Biopharma is the first company to purchase a Sophion APC system in South Korea

QPlate, a unique design enabling high performance automated patch clamp

The unique design of our QPlates provides many advantages. Among others 100% liquid exchange, giga-seals in physiological solutions and no need for electrode maintenance. In this application report, we tell about the design and advantages of using microflow-based consumables for Automated Patch Clamp. Learn how the QPlate materials make it possible to create giga-ohm seals …

Webinar: Automated Patch Clamp in Academia

Join us for a webinar on APC in Academia and learn about the dos & dos

New book on Ion Channel Electrophysiology Methods

As editors of ‘Patch Clamp Electrophysiology’, part of Springer Nature’s highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology series, Mark Dallas (University of Reading) and Damian Bell (Sophion) scoured the globe to find experts to share their practical experience in ion channel recordings.

Upcoming Networking Event hosted by BPS: A World of Opportunity: Ion Channels and Automated Patch-Clamping

The ion channel field is an extremely exciting and rapidly expanding area of study and with the adoption of automated patch-clamp (APC) technology, a wealth of opportunity has been created for those who choose a career in this arena. Join us for this free event.

HTS on Kv1.5 n Qube 384 Mk II

Screen with high success rates and large screening window

VP R&D and Marketing at Sophion, Thomas Binzer, on automated patch clamp, marketing in science and building bridges with academia

An interview about automated patch clamp, academic collaborations and why we are using all those Q’s in our names.

Cell density of Qube and QPatch ll

Reduced cell volume still ensure high success rates on Qube and QPatch ll

Eurofins Panlabs Inc. announces the upgrade to 384-format Automated Patch-Clamping

Ion channel research requires high fidelity patch-clamping

Cav1.2 ready to use cells without rundown

RTU cells ignite your experiment within minutes

Damian Bell will start at Sophion as Director of Scientific Affairs

We are happy to announce that Damian Bell will be joining the Sophion team beginning October 1st 2020

Virtual User Meeting hosted by Sophion NA

On Tuesday, September 23rd, the NA team at Sophion put together our first Virtual User Meeting, typically held onsite at the Hilton in Woburn and at the Woburn Lab, using WebEx

Yale School of Medicine and Veterans Administration Acquire Automated Patch-Clamp

Dr. Stephen Waxman and the ‘Center for Neuroscience and Regeneration Research’ at Yale School of Medicine and the Veterans Affairs West Haven Medical Center have acquired automated patch-clamp and are installing both a Qube 384 and a QPatch II 48.

Qube Falcon is ready to increase your lab efficiency

Tighter data with further developed adaptive protocols

21 new peer-reviewed publications in Q2

While the pandemic has closed down many laboratories, publication activities using QPatch and Qube has gone through the roof.

Another 20th anniversary

We have another 20th anniversary this year. Join us in congratulating Jørgen Due on his work anniversary.

User Meeting (virtual) – hosted by Sophion NA

Join us for the very first virtual Sophion User Meeting on 22nd September.

We are staffing up in North America

…and will in the future also have people on the ground in California, so it will be easier to get support and on-site visit on the west coast. Read more….

20 new publications in Q2 2020

The second quarter of 2020 has been special concerning the pandemic, lockdowns, and closed laboratories across the globe. However, Q2 has also been extraordinarily busy with published peer-review publications using QPatch and Qube 384.

From teenager to early adulthood

Times fly. It is hard to believe that 20 years have passed since Sophion was founded but on 5th July we can celebrate our 20th anniversary and what a ride it’s been.

Peer-reviewed papers from Q1 2020

See the list of QPatch and Qube publications from Q1 2020.

ICMS2021- we miss you!

Hope to see you in June 2021!

Sophion – Empowering innovation in drug discovery

An increasing number of patents using Sophion patch-clamp data are published worldwide. Most of them are new compounds for therapeutic use, and we are more than delighted to support innovation in the field of drug discovery enabling “better and safer drugs, faster”

Activate intracellular mechanism with light

We used light stimulation to activate intracellular second messenger mechanism and recorded the electrophysiological response

Cav1.2 on QPatch with no rundown

A new Cav1.2 cell line from Charles River Laboratories tested on QPatch and Qube 384, show almost no rundown, resulting in trustworthy and reliable pharmacology

ICMS in Cambridge is cancelled

We regret to inform that due to COVID-19, the 5th Ion Channel Modulation Symposium in Cambridge, the United Kingdom, has been cancelled.

Adaptive voltage protocols ensure precise half inactivation application of voltage-gated ion channels

It also reduces data variability and ensures precise clamp compared to traditional standard methods.

Step-by-step protocols for sophisticated, yet easy, screening on Qube

Get the full recipe for executing adaptive protocols and applications hereof on Qube

Remote support during the COVID-19 pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for remote training and support is larger than ever. For your convenience, we have therefore listed the tools we use for remote assistance to ensure our instruments and your research keeps running.

First CiPA Paper is published in Nature Scientific Reports

The new paper published by the CiPA consortium provides estimates of the variability of prominent human cardiac currents across five automated patch platforms and 17 sites.

COVID-19 and Sophion

The escalating outbreak of COVID-19 has affected each one of us in multiple ways, our families, friends, businesses and way of life. This fast-changing situation has forced us, to re-evaluate how we operate at Sophion Bioscience and adapt to the new situation. Click and read more

QPatch ll Temperature Control

New possibilities to control the measurement sites on QPatch II

Status from Sophion

We are here to make sure you get your deliveries and the service you may require in spite of the current situation.

Don’t miss the next Sophion User Academy in Copenhagen

Whether you are experienced or a rookie user, this course will be relevant and adapted to your needs.

New papers, posters and reports from Q1 2019

Learn more about how automated patch clamp can be used in personalized medicine, about ion channels in cancer or about our new feature ‘Adaptive Protocols’.

Adaptive protocols at work

Tighter data and more confidence in detecting mode-of-action in HTS

Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society 2020

Come and see us at BPS in San Diego in February – find us at booth #600

Stable Kv7.2/7.3 current on Qube

We have demonstrated the stability of V½ over multiple liquid periods and reliable pharmacology

Posters from SPS2019 in Barcelona now live

Several new posters from SPS in Barcelona from NMI, Eurofins, Metrion, Nissan chemical, and iSMART, emphasizes the QPatch as the benchmark APC solution for cardiac safety

Posters from ICMS2019 in Cambridge UK now online

We have gathered the posters from ICMS on our website. From Sanofi, Charles River Laboratories, LifeArc, Unis of Leeds, Uni of Cambridge and off course a few from Sophion. Check them out

iPSC-derived motor neurons on Qube and QPatch

Effect of culture duration, biophysical properties and neurological disease phenotyping

Simultaneous recordings from hERG and Nav1.5

Expand your throughput in cardiac safety profiling

New application report: Perforated patch recordings on Qube 384

High performance, high throughput e-phys with preserved intracellular milieu. See our newest application report and learn how to do perforated patch clamp on Qube 384

New assay created by Metrion: Nav1.5(Late) cardiac safety on QPatch

New Nav1.5 assay that delivers improved cardiac safety screening reliability and cost.

Congratulations to our latest Ph.D student Jiaye Zhang

Another Ph.D.student has successfully finalized his study

8 hours unattended hERG screening with >97% success rates

Imagine your laboratory testing over 4,000 wells with high fidelity electrophysiology while you are at home

New papers, posters and reports from Q1 2019

Learn more about ion channels and cancer, how our patch clamp systems can characterize ALS disease models and much more

Read the latest news on Qube, QPatch II and much more

Sign up to our mailing list and get access to the latest ion channel news and events.

Pharmacological evaluation of GABAA receptor subtypes on Qube 384

Repetitive and stable responses in 384 format which enables demonstration of subtype selective pharmacology on a large scale

Get the most out of your APC instrument

Training course at a Sophion lab near you

Two new posters by Charles River Laboratories on HTS ion channel screening

Both ligand- and voltage-gated targets can be screened on Qube 384

New Qube software version Eagle released

Adaptive protocols and integrated temperature control

Cancer cell membrane potential controlled by Wnt peptides

Wnt ligands binding to the cell membrane receptors lead to intracellular Ca2+ release and the early events in this signalling pathway was investigated by using QPatch and single cell patch recording.

hiPSC motor neurons on Qube and QPatch

Neurological disease models characterized

Biophysical and pharmacological profiling of multiple voltage-gated sodium channel subtypes on QPatch II

Biophysical and pharmacological profiling of multiple voltage-gated sodium channel subtypes. The study used QPatch ll in combination with adaptive voltage protocols to investigate state-dependent inhibition of tetrodotoxin (TTX), amitriptyline and tetracaine on 8 different VGSC subtypes (Nav1.1-8).

Cav1.2 on Qube, no rundown

Third commercially available Cav1.2 cell line which behaves stably on Qube

2018 in review – another great year has passed

Looking back at 2018 it was another year that was fun and rewarding, but also extremely busy

Season’s greetings

Sending you the warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year

Brisbane Pain Research Symposium on 7th December

We are happy to assist in making the Brisbane Pain Research symposium a success

GABA receptors – HTS electrophysiology and optopharmacology on primary cells and stable cell lines

Ligand-activation of GABAA receptors on QPatch and Qube 384 using conventional electrophysiology and optopharmacology . Pharmacological responses of the GABA receptor GABAA (ɑ5β3γ2), stably expressed in a HEK cell line, and in primary hippocampal astrocytes.

Qube and QPatch posters presented at SPS 2018

Six posters all with results from Qube and QPatch was presented at SPS in Washington DC covering cardiac safety channels

Sophion exhibiting in South Korea for the first time

70th Annual Meeting of the Korean Physiological Society

Diseased and control hIPSC motor neurons measured on Qube and QPatch

Electrophysiological properties of hiPSCs from Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) patients was measured and compared to their control cell lines

Sophion Seminar in Japan

Another great Sophion seminar was held in Japan with more than 40 users from Japan and South Korea


Come and see our brand new QPatch II

Drop by our booth at SfN and get a live demo

31 new Publications and Reports from Q3

Many new and interesting papers are available. Enjoy your reading

Mechanism of action elucidated with Qube

Sophisticated structure-activity relationship revealed

Qube is designed for drug discovery

Let it run during night

QPatch II attracts a full house in Washington DC

Great interest from current and future QPatch users at SPS in Washington

CiPA recommended Milnes kinetic hERG assay on QPatch

We have together with Metrion Biosciences implemented the challenging Milnes hERG cardiac safety assay on QPatch.

New papers, posters and reports (Q3 2018)

We have been busy and so have our partners. 11 new peer reviewed publications, 7 new posters, 5 new application reports from the last couple of months. Enjoy.

Introducing QPatch II

After more than ten years of success with QPatch, we are raising the bar again. Come and see the QPatch II at this years SPS in Washington DC (30 sept-2 Oct)

Did you miss the Ion Channel Modulation Symposium in June?

Did you miss the Ion Channel Modulation Symposium in June? Well, don’t despair

Sophion co-organized channelopathy symposium in China

Another great symposium, this time in China. It was a pleasure for us at Sophion to co-organize this event and we were happy to see the large attendance from engaged researchers.

Sophion User Meeting Europe 2018 – sign up now!

Join us for a couple of days of great QPatch and Qube talks and good company.

Sophion Japan website is now live!

We are so happy to announce that our Japanese website now is live.

ICMS2018 – thank you very much

ICMS2018 – huge thanks from the Sophion team to everyone who attended.

Super-short ligand exposure time on Qube Opto 384

Optogenetics combined with microfluidic channels is a powerful combination when a short ligand exposure time is needed. Here we have tested both instantaneous washout and washout after 500 milliseconds to achieve ultrashort GABA responses on the Qube Opto 384.

Updated privacy policy

Here we go again… another statement on privacy. We will continue to handle your personal information with integrity and respect

hCav1.2 recordings using QPatch

A reproducible QPatch assay with high success rates for biophysical and pharmacological studies of the Cav1.2 channel

ICMS 2018 coming up shortly…..

Counting down to Sophion Ion Channel Modulation Symposium 2018

GABAA pharmacology on cell lines and primary astrocytes on QPatch

Pharmacological manipulation of the GABA ion channel has a large potential. The central role of GABA in the nervous system is underscored by the devastating consequences of pathophysiological changes in GABA signalling. Conversely, manipulation of GABA receptors can offer relief of a large group of neurological and psychiatric disorders.

Light activated rubi-GABA on Qube Opto 384

GABA mediated currents elicited by optical uncaging in both a concentration and light dependant fashion.

Cor.4U® human iPS cell-derived cardiomyocytes

Cor.4U human iPS cell-derived cardiomyocytes on QPatch and Qube

QPatch studies on voltage- and current clamp recordings on Cor.4U human iPS cell-derived cardiomyocytes

Orion with their brand new Qube

How easy is it to use Qube?

Two days training is enough

Qube Opto 384 – for optical stimulation of ion channels or compounds.

Patch clamp and optogenetics – Discover the Qube with 384 integrated and adjustable LEDs for advanced optogenetic measurements

High throughput screening on Nav1.1 using Qube

Mode-of-action pharmacology in real unattended high-fidelity HTS

Welcome to our new field service engineer, Thomas Byrne

Please welcome Thomas Byrne to the North American team as our new Technical Service Engineer based in Boston!

Virtual Qube – Increase value from your CRO data

Get the power to analyze the Qube data generated by your external partner

hCav1.2 recordings on Qube 384 using step, train and CiPA protocols

A reproducible high-throughput assay with high success rates for biophysical and pharmacological studies of the Cav1.2 channel

Biophysics 2018 – here we come!

Drop by our booth #518 and meet with our experts to discuss your ion channel needs.

2017 in brief

For Sophion it has been a year with many changes, a lot of news and countless achievements. It has also, by far, been the best year in the history of Sophion Bioscience……

Happy New Year

Wish you a successful and happy New Year

Registration for ICMS2018 is now open

The places fill up quickly so please make sure to register ASAP!

Santa’s little helpers…..?

More systems ready to ship to customers

Fast desensitizing ion channels recorded on Qube 384

Short ligand exposure time (0.8 s) counteracts channel desensitization on nAChRa1

Five new QPatch publications from top pharma companies

It is great to see the current high publication activity with our QPatch system worldwide.

Sophion user meeting in our new facilities in Japan

Double up on space in Sophion Japan

High throughput screening for mode-of-action on Nav1.7

Qube, an ideal tool for profiling large compound libraries on voltage-gated sodium channels.

ICMS 2018

Mark your calendar for the Sophion Ion Channel Modulation Symposium 2018

Eight new QPatch publications, two of them in

A lot of new peer reviewed publications have seen the light over the summer. Here is some selected new publications. For more interesting publilcations on QPatch and Qube you can always search our publication database

Poster presented at SPS in Berlin in September on temperature effect using Qube

Temperature effect on hERG channel pharmacology measured using the Qube automated patch clamp system

New faces at Sophion

We are staffing up again. We have hired two new application specialists to meet the increasing demand of new application development and customer support. Meet Dr. Kadla Røskva Rosholm and Dr. Kim Boddum at customer sites, demos or conferences.

Qube 384 recordings with very short exposure time of ligand

Some like it slow, some like it fast. A Qube user wanted faster washout of activator in ligand gated experiments and contacted their application scientist.

Tecan publishing article about QPatch

Article from Tecan about Sophion and QPatch: OEM instrument design offers automated patch clamping solution

See some of the great talks from ICMS 2017 in Cambridge

Did you miss the Sophion Ion Channel Modulation Symposium in Cambridge in June?

Temperature control on Qube 384 – pharmacological dependency of hERG reference compounds

Significant temperature sensitivity of hERG pharmacology revealed with Qube 384 temperature controlled recordings

Sophion Bioscience is acquired by Sophion CEO, management and investors

Sophion Bioscience has been acquired by Sophion CEO Thais T. Johansen, its management and a group of experienced investors.

Sophion Bioscience, Inc. is in the building

Sophion Bioscience, Inc. are now all settled their news office in Boston. 

ICMS2017 – thanks everyone for contributing

Another great Sophion Ion Channel Modulation Symposium meeting at the amazing Clare College. Knowledge sharing, socializing and presentations of new discoveries in our field from the top notch researchers from academia and pharma industry. …. and good food and beer not to mention. Great way to spend a week. ICMS2018 already in pipeline.

Ph.D. course at Sophion Denmark

PhD summer school on cardiac electrophysiology with 30 students from across Europe

QPatch automated patch clamp

New paper on KCa2.X (SK) on QPatch

Inhibitory effect of some established Atrial Fibrillation drugs on SK channels

Interested in CFTR? ….or traditional Chinese/Japanese medicine?

Traditional Japanese Kampo medicine compound improves opioid-induced constipation in rats by activating cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator.

Ion channel blocking antibodies

Knotbodies as therapeutic agents – concentration-dependent inhibition of Kv1.3 and ASIC1a currents demonstrated using QPatch automated patch clamp.

High throughput screening

Internal solution exchange on Qube 384 – New application report

Internal addition of compounds targeting the chloride channel CIC-1. A robust assay with good pharmacology and high Z-score

Sophion in the US is moving to Boston

New Sophion offices and laboratory in Boston

QPatch automated patch clamp

New Nature paper on QPatch and neuronal stem cells

New QPatch paper in Nature/Scientific data proves the feasibility of automated electrophysiological characterization of neuronal cells

Ion Channel Modulation Symposium 2017 – see the agenda

We are working with the final details for this years’ agenda and we are very proud of the line up. Again this year we have a good programme with excellent speakers and interesting topics. You can see the agenda here.    

Voltage- and current clamp on induced pluripotent cardiomyocytes with Qube 384

Action potentials are induced in both HL-1 mouse atrial cardiomyocytes and Axiogenesis Cor.4U iPS cell-derived cardiomyocytes.

High throughput screening

Cav1.2 on Qube 384

Stable Cav1.2 recordings on Qube 384 – a robust assay with high success rate and reliable pharmacology