New software release for Qube and QPatch II

Sophion Analyzer is common for our two platforms Qube and QPatch II and is now being released in new versions. Qube is version Goldcrest, and QPatch ll is version Earth.

The main news is that you can utilise “higher-level results on lower levels”. This feature opens a whole new way of analysing your results with much more powerful and flexible methods of generating baselines and normalisations.

If you are in safety screening, you will appreciate the predefined and FDA recognised CiPA-report format feature – one click is all it takes to report safety data.

Over the years, many people have asked for mean IV curves, so we spent some of the long Covid-19 days in front of the computer to generate that.

Yale University suggested that we make a three-parameter Boltzmann fit to get even more value out of activation and inactivation protocols, and voilà, that is also now available.

We appreciate these many wishes and try to fulfil as many as possible to fortify the position as a one-stop shop for genuine E-phys research and development.

On the experiment execution side, there is also news:

For Qube: voltage protocols can now be commanded in sub-ms steps, and the ligand-exposure time is customisable from 0.8 s and up. This gives even better control over desensitising ligand-gated targets.

For QPatch ll: adaptive protocols (aka V½) have been expanded to Vxx so you can manipulate the channels into precisely the state you find relevant. The individual Vxx can be used both to stimulate and as Vhold. You can follow live traces for the entire liquid period to better see interesting pharmacological effects on the screening station, so it becomes even more thrilling to do the analysis – manually or automatically, as you previously knew it.

There are many more details in Qube Goldcrest and QPatch ll Earth, and your Application Scientist is more than happy to show you these. The upgrades are available now, and as usual, you can both do it yourself, or we can do it for you – just let us know your preference….and if you are not a customer yet, well, then we can also help you solve that, too.