New book on Ion Channel Electrophysiology Methods

The book aims to provide hands-on methods, practical advice & tips & tricks rarely captured in typical methods sections. It’s written for both neophyte and experienced researchers alike, providing foundational and latest, cutting edge techniques to add to their armoury of ion channel recording techniques.

This collection of methods and protocols was written by leading researchers in the field, generously sharing their knowledge and experience to further our collective understanding of ion channels.

Two of the chapters were written by experts at Sophion:

Kadla Røskva Rosholm, Kim Boddum and Anders Lindqvist wrote ‘Perforated Whole-Cell Recordings in Automated Patch Clamp Electrophysiology’; whilst

Kim Boddum, Peder Skafte-Pedersen, Jean-Francois Rolland (Axxam Spa.) and Sandra Wilson wrote a chapter entitled ‘Optogenetics and Optical Tools in Automated Patch Clamping’.

Link to the book can be found here.