QPatch II at Linköping University

Linköping University epilepsy research accelerated by QPatch II

Work that normally takes a year can be completed in approximately a week … it will enable us to open up new territory” – Prof. Fredrik Elinder describing the acceleration in epilepsy research at Linköping University on their newly acquired QPatch II.

In an interview with Linköping University news, Prof. Elinder and Dr Nina Ottosson talked about the new acquisition for their labs. They plan to use the QPatch II to rapidly and efficiently characterize pine resin acid derivatives, aiming to discover and develop improved openers of the huKv7.2/7.3 (M-current) ion channels to treat epilepsy. They also discussed their plans for a shared, core automated patch clamp facility that would be available to support and develop the academic ion channel community across Sweden.

Congratulations from all at Sophion on this QPatch II facility and we look forward to supporting you in all your ion channel endeavours in the future.

You can also see Nina Ottosson discussing their research in a webinar here: