Presentations ICMS2018 - Sophion

Presentations ICMS2018

Professor David Beech – Leeds University, UK
Titel: Piezo1 channel function and small-molecule modulation

Dr Stephen Brickley – Imperial College London (ICL), UK
Title: Age-related changes in synaptic transmission during cognitive decline

Professor Raimund Dutzler – Zurich University, Switzerland
Title: Mechanism of ion conduction and gating in the calcium-activated chloride channel TMEM16A

Professor Nikita Gamper – Leeds University, UK
Title: Modulation of Kv7 potassium channels by intracellular zinc

Professor Anders Jensen – Copenhagen University, Denmark Title: Probing the molecular basis for potency- and efficacy-based subtype-selectivity exhibited by benzodiazepine-site modulators at GABA-A receptors


Professor Matthew Nolan – Edinburgh University, UK
Title: Diverse computational roles for HCN1 ion channels in behaviour

Professor Yasuo Mori – Kyoto University, Japan
Title: Redox biology of TRP channels

Professor Uwe Rudolph – McLean Hospital and Harvard University, USA Title: Towards a circuit-based pharmacology of GABA-A receptors

Professor Jian Yang – Columbia University, USA
Title: Antiarrhythmic natural compounds and structural basis of modulation of an endolysosomal calcium channel


Dr Hongjie Yuan – Emory University, USA Title: GRIN mutations in neurological diseases: from molecular mechanism to rescue pharmacology