QPatch II User Interface - Sophion

QPatch II User Interface

QPatch II Screening Station Software makes it easy to learn and to run experiments so you can:

  • Reduce human errors
  • Ensure fast training and on-boarding
  • Enable fluent staff rotation
  • Eliminate operator-to-operator variation

All key contributors to an efficient laboratory. We have tested that even untrained personnel can start an assay in 10 minutes.


Day-to-day operation


Step 1 – Login

The login screen ensures the audit track with password-protected individual accounts and predefined roles for access and permission sets.


Step 2 – Select Job

Select the job to run. Jobs can be selected from a set of standard Sophion assays incl predefined CIPA protocols or can be customized by any user in the Assay Software.


Step 3 – Prepare work plane

Guided and interactive screen for preparing cells, IC and EC and ensure that QPlates and compound plates are in place.



Step 4 – Press start

Press start and let QPatch ll work unattended, so you can concentrate on other tasks.


Advanced operation


Cell wash

Automated cell preparation is key to ensure reproducibility and repeatability. Just define the source and target cell density and let QPatch ll automated cell preparation unit do the work for you.

It does not get much easier to achieve consistent cell washing, which eliminates user variations at the same time.




View assay progress

When doing assay optimization it can be helpful to view assay progression. Therefore we have expanded the live screen with new parameters such as pressure curves, voltages curves and they can be viewed per well also.





The toolbox screen gives you access to weekly cleaning procedures, test procedures, offline cell wash etc.