Adaptive whole cell protocols - Sophion

Adaptive whole cell protocols

The unique pressure system on the QPatch ensures that each well is treated independently during whole-cell formation. We call it adaptive whole-cell protocols and these ensure:

  • high success rates
  • higher throughput
  • lower cost per datapoint

Just like manual patch clamping

Adaptive whole-cell protocols individually adjust the pressure during whole-cell formation to ensure the highest possible success rates during experiments. As a contrast, other APC systems in the market use “timed” protocols, that use the same pressure protocol on all wells (and cells) at the same time.

For straightforward protocols with “easy” cell lines, this does not have a large effect. However, for more complicated assay on cell lines that are more difficult to “persuade” into whole-cell mode, the adaptive whole-cell protocols significantly increase success rates, throughput and lower cost per data point.