Courses and Training - Sophion

Courses and Training

Sophion offers courses with comprehensive content and hands-on training in many aspects of automated high throughput electrophysiology. Training on system operation and the data analysis software is a part of the comprehensive package provided when purchasing a QPatch or Qube.
If changes occur in your drug discovery program which require training of new users or learning more about new assay types or data analysis, then contact us to get more information about courses or custom made workshops.

Installation training – Customer site

Mandatory three-day training as a part of installation is done at the customer site. Three days is generally enough to be able to operate a QPatch or Qube, but most users can setup and run assays within a few hours. A re-visit for addition training is optional

  • Duration: Three days
  • Content: Training in new system capabilities, cell handling, assay setup, data analysis.
  • Target: New users

Hands-on-training – Customer site

On demand follow-up training of advanced assay setup or analysis. Done at the customer site. One training is included when you have silver or gold service contract, more training can be discussed depending on needs.

  • Duration: As agreed
  • Content: As agreed
  • Target: Experienced and new users

Hands-on-training – Sophion

On demand follow-up training of advanced assay setup or analysis. Done at Sophion. Can include both cell culture and handling, assay design, assay setup and advanced analysis, as well as daily/weekly maintenance and quick fixes. Only one customer at a time so vulnerable information/assays/cell lines can be discussed and tested.

  • Duration: One to three days
  • Content: Customized to needs
  • Target: Experienced user

Hands-on-training course – Sophion

Two-day training at Sophion (DK, US, Japan). Targeted for new users. Ideal for new laboratory personnel, post docs or Ph.Ds. One to two times a year with attendees from several sites

  • Duration: One to three days
  • Content: Basic intro to QPatch and Qube. Two days is enough to operate system safely, set up assays and analyze results. Fixed program from feedback from attendees, not confidential assays or targets.
  • Target: New users or experienced users

User meetings

Regional meetings for Sophion users, where many issues and topics are discussed and presented. Normally as a two-day meeting with a workshop on day two. A good opportunity to learn from peers.

  • Duration:          One day of talks and discussions. A half to one day of workshops.
  • Content:           User applications and research. New and noteworthy from Sophion. Workshop on new features and requests.
  • Target:               All QPatch or Qube users

Support (Phone/mail/on-site)

Our Application Scientist are always present for sparring and assistance with assay setup and analysis. As a Sophion customer you will have a dedicated Application Scientist that knows your lab and your needs, so the help is right at hand. We recommend that you always contact you Application Scientist before starting up a new assay. We might have some knowledge and tricks up the sleeve, that will help you succeed faster.

  • Duration:  As long as it takes
  • Content: Whatever the issue is
  • Target: All Sophion customers