Publications - Sophion

Structure-based identification of novel KNa1.1 inhibitors

Author(s): Bethan A. Cole, Rachel M. Johnson, Hattapark Dejakaisaya, Stephen P. Muench, & Jonathan D. Lippiat

In vitro inflammatory knee pain: Of Mice and Men

Author(s): Sampurna Chakrabarti, Luke A. Pattison, Kaajal Singhal, Jolanta Mil, David C Bulmer, Deepak R Jadon, Ewan St. John Smith

Identification of novel activators of two-pore domain potassium (K2P) channels

Author(s): David McCoull, Lewis Byrom, Jonathan Large, Jeff Jerman, Paul D Wright

Generating potent and selective inhibitors of Kv1.3 ion channels by fusing venom derived mini proteins into peripheral CDR loops of antibodies

Author(s): Lien Moreels, A. Karatt-Vellatt, D. C. Bell, S. Surade, P. A. Slavny, T. Luetkens, E. Masters & J. McCafferty

Development and validation of NMDA ligand-gated ion channel assays using the Qube 384 automated electrophysiology platform

Author(s): Abigail Marklew, Juha Kammonen, Emma Richardson, and Jonathan Mann

Characterization of hiPSC-derived neurological disease models using automated patch clamp (Qube and QPatch)

Author(s): Kadla Røskva Rosholm, Melanie Schupp, Daniel Sauter, Rasmus B Jacobsen

Biophysical and pharmacological profiling of multiple voltage-gated sodium channel subtypes on QPatch II

Author(s): Daniel Sauter, Mette T Christensen, Rasmus B Jacobsen, Göran Mattsson

Adaptive voltage protocols increase precision of voltage-gated ion channel measurements on highthroughput automated patch clamp platforms

Author(s): Sarah Williams & Juha Kammonen

A pharmacological synopsis of small molecules, toxins and CiPA compounds targeting human cardiac Kv4.3 channels

Author(s): Brigitte Schombert, Camille Sanson, Sylvie Houtmann, Michel Partiseti and G. Andrees Böhme