Another 20th anniversary

Everybody knows Jørgen Due, and everyone knows that he’s been with Sophion for what seems like a lifetime. More exact 20 years today. Join us in celebrating Jørgen.

Jørgen, just a lad back in 2000, was one of the very first employees, who started working for Sophion. With a genuine pioneer spirit, Jørgen took an active part in building the organisation and can surely take credit for partaking in making Sophion what it is today. Jørgen started as a one-person army being the sole technical support engineer which meant him being on the road most of the time servicing QPatches all over the world. A lot of flight bonus points must have been earned during those years.

While our installed base grew Jørgen has managed, developed and expanded the Technical Support group, and today we have a dedicated and skilled team who helps our partners and clients all over the world.

Jørgen and his team. They may look like bouncers but they are actually very nice lads all of them….


Apart from being an excellent technician, Jørgen has always been the go-to person and with his pragmatic and calm demeanour and attitude always willing to lend an ear if you need advice.

Thank you for being such a good colleague and for enduring the first 20 years with Sophion.

We look forward to 20 more.