QPatch Compact semi-automated patch clamping

Introducing QPatch Compact – semi-automated patch clamping

With QPatch Compact, anyone can learn to patch-clamp in less than half an hour. The ready-to-use system offers the flexibility of manual patch clamp with the robustness and ease of use known from the QPatch and Qube automated patch clamping solutions.

QPatch Compact is a semi-automated patch-clamp solution enabling you to conduct up to 8 experiments at the same time, either synchronized to increase replicates or independent to increase information content in a short time.

The software helps you set up and analyze your experiments. All you must do is prepare the cells and handle the pipetting. QPatch Compact does the rest.

Imagine a benchtop instrument that you simply plug in and conduct your experiments without needing an antivibration table, micromanipulator, faraday cage, etc.

QPatch Compact gives you:

  • Stable recordings
  • Integrated system
  • Small footprint
  • Giga-seal on demand

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