ICMS 2023 Tokyo - program - Sophion


Day one – 17 May

09.30 AM          Registration – tea/coffee


10.15 AM          Welcome remarks – Thomas Binzer, Sophion Bioscience A/S


Session 1 – Chair: Yoshihiro Kubo – National Institute for Physiological Sciences, Japan


10.30 AM        Atsunori Oshima – Nagoya University, Japan

Structural insight into the closure of large pore channels in phospholipids by cryo-EM


10.55 AM       Ayako Takeuchi – University of Fukui, Japan

Roles of mitochondrial Ca2+ dynamics in cardiomyocyte function-A Physiome study


10.05 AM       Professor Anna Moroni – University of Milan, Italy

Novel therapeutic approaches emerging from HCN4 structural studies


11.45 AM        Dr Takushi Shimomura – National Institute for Physiological Sciences, Japan

Contribution of the second S4 helix for switching PIP2- and voltage-gating modes in two-pore channels


12:10 PM        Lunch – poster session


Session 2 – Chair: Hiroko Takeuchi – Osaka University, Japan


01:45 PM        Sung Joon Kim – Seoul National University, Korea

CALHM channels and their regulation by physicochemical conditions in the context of physiological roles


02:10 PM        Koichi Nakajo – Jichi Medical University, Japan

Gating modulation via voltage-sensing domains in voltage-gated K+ channels


02:35 PM        Masayuki Iwamoto – University of Fukui, Japan

Reconstituted lipid bilayers to elucidate physicochemical interactions between ion channels and membranes


03:00 PM        Byung-Chang Suh – Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology, Korea

PIP2 activation of N-type voltage-gated Ca2+ channel depends on both the α1B and β subunits


03.25 PM        Tea/coffee – poster session


Session 2 – Chair: Fredrik Elinder – Linköping University, Sweden


04:00 PM        Jing Lei – National Institute for Physiological Sciences, Japan

Physiological significance of the interaction between TRPV3 and ANO1 or TMEM79 in skin keratinocytes


04:25 PM        Jianmin Cui – Washington University, USA

Gating and modulation of KCNQ1 channels


04:50 PM        Bailong Xiao – Tsinghua University, China

Feeling force with PIEZO channels


05:15 PM        Thomas Binzer – Sophion Bioscience, Denmark
News & views from Sophion


05:40 PM        Wrap up

06:00 PM        Drinks reception & exhibits



Day two – 18 May

9:15  AM      Tea/Coffee

09:45 AM     Welcome Remarks – Michel Krall Jürgens, Sophion Bioscience A/S


Session 4 – Chair: Anna Moroni – University of Milan, Italy


9:50 AM        Masayuki X. Mori – University of Occupational and Environmental Health, Fukuoka, Japan

Regulatory role of TRPC channel in the pathophysiology of kidney filtration function


10.15 AM        Fredrik Elinder – Linköping University, Sweden

Potassium channel activators and their potential roles as anti-seizure drugs


10:40 AM        Takafumi Kawai – Osaka University, Japan

Function of voltage-gated proton channel in microglia


11.05 AM        Tea/Coffee, Poster session


Session 5 – Chair: Yasushi Okamura – Osaka University, Japan


11.50 AM        Alexander Sobolevsky – Columbia University, USA

Structural basis of TRP channel temperature sensitivity


12.15 PM        Toshiko Yamazawa – Jikei University School of Medicine, Japan

Analysis of skeletal muscles from type 1 ryanodine receptor mutant mice


12:40 PM        Yuichiro Fujiwara – Kagawa University, Japan

Toward understanding the mechanism of voltage-gated H+ channel activity regulated by membrane stretch and lipids


01:05 PM        Lunch


Session 6 – Chair: Makoto Tominaga – National Institute for Physiological Sciences, Japan


02.30 PM        Yuji Hara – University of Shizuoka, Japan

Role of a mechanosensitive ion channel PIEZO1 in skeletal muscle regeneration


02.55 PM        Hiroko Takeuchi – Osaka University, Japan

Mechanism of olfactory transduction system in the cilia


03.20 PM        Haruo Ogawa – Kyoto University, Japan

Three-dimensional structure of Ryanodine receptor and SR Ca2+-ATPase responsible for muscle contraction and relaxation

03:45 PM        Wrap Up