ICMS2022 New York City - program - Sophion


day one – 5 November

08.00 AM          Registration – tea/coffee


09.00 AM          Welcome remarks – Thomas Binzer – Sophion Bioscience


Session 1 – Chair: Stefan Feske – NYU Grossman School of Medicine


09.15 AM         Merritt Maduke – Stanford University

Developing pharmacological tools to selectively target CLC chloride-channels


09.40 AM         Dianne Lipscombe – Brown University

Forms and Functions of Voltage-Gated Calcium Ion Channels Critical for Adaptive and Maladaptive Pain


10.05 AM         Rajesh Khanna – NYU Pain Research Center

Answers to NaV1.7 Analgesic Failures: Post Translational Targeting for Pain Reduction


10.30 AM         Tea/coffee – exhibits and posters


Session 2 – Chair: Stefan Feske – NYU Grossman School of Medicine


11.15 AM         Heike Wulff – University of California, Davis

Kv1.3 and KCa3.1 as Targets for Neuroinflammation


11.40 AM         Geoffrey Abbott – University of California, Irvine

Potassium channel-targeted small molecule discovery from plants


12.05 PM         Anjali Radadhyaksha – Weill Cornell Medicine

L-type calcium channel mechanisms and neuropsychiatric disorders


12.30 PM         Janina Sörmann – Evotec SE

Defective X-gating of TASK-1 in a novel channelopathy associated with sleep apnea


12.55 PM         Lunch


Session 3 – Chair: William Coetzee – NYU Grossman School of Medicine


02.00 PM         David Clapham – Howard Hughes Medical Institute

The primary cilia is a short circuit for receptor signaling to the nucleus


02.25 PM         Bhama Ramkhelawon – NYU Langone Health

Immunoprobing Piezo-1 signals in the vasculature


02.50 PM         Daniel Sauter – Sophion Bioscience, Inc.

A journey through patch clamp, pain and passion


03.15 PM         Tea/coffee – exhibits and posters


Session 4 – Chair: Daniel Sauter – Sophion Bioscience


04.00 PM         Alexandra Pinggera – Metrion Biosciences

Advantages of the novel dynamic action potential patch clamp technique to characterise Nav1.2 disease mutations


04.25 PM          David Stokes – NYU Langone Health

How to put a channel to work: the potassium transport system KdpFABC


04.50 PM          Crina Nimigean – Weill Cornell Medicine

Calcium gating and ball-and-chain inactivation in potassium channels


05.15 PM          Wrap-up – Duncan Jarman – Sophion Bioscience


05.30 PM          Drinks reception in the lobby



Day 2 – 6 November

08.00 AM          Tea/coffee


09.00 AM          Welcome remarks – Duncan Jarman – Sophion Bioscience


Session 5 – Chair: Rajesh Khanna – NYU Pain Research Center


09.05 AM          Mark Estacion – Yale University

Pharmacogenomics of hNaV1.7 variants to Lacosamide from responsive and non-responsive SFN patients


09.30 AM          Theanne Griffith – University of California, Davis

Illuminating new roles for sodium channels in sensory neurons


09.55 AM          Stefan Feske – NYU Grossman School of Medicine

Novel Ion Channels and Transporters in Immunity


10.20 AM          Tea/coffee – Exhibit and Posters Session


Session 6 – Chair: Rajesh Khanna – NYU Grossman School of Medicine


11.20 AM          Gerald Zamponi – University of Calgary

Post-transitional modification of T-type calcium channels as a molecular target for pain


11.45 AM          Colin Nichols – Washington University, School of Medicine

Personalized therapies for KATP channel diseases


12.10 AM          Vera Moissenkova-Bell – University of Pennsylvania

Structural Insights into TRPV Channel Gating


12.35 AM          Steven Marx – Columbia University 

Rad regulation of CaV1.2 channels controls cardiac fight-or-flight response


01.00 PM          Lunch – Exhibits and Poster Session


Session 7 – Chair: Steven Marx – Columbia University


02.00 PM          William Coetzee – NYU Grossman School of Medicine

A novel Kir6.2 specific KATP channel opener


02.25 PM          Zhaozhu Qiu – Johns Hopkins Medicine, Baltimore

From SWELL From SWELL to PAC: discovery of novel chloride channels


02.50 PM          Anissa Bara – Sophion Bioscience

Electrophysiological characterization of hiPSC-derived cardiomyocytes using automated patch clamp


03.15 PM         Tea/coffee – Exhibit and Posters Session


Session 8 – Chair: William Coetzee – NYU Grossman School of Medicine


03.45 PM         Amanda Klein – University of Minnesota

KATP channel involvement in pain, opioid efficacy, and morphine tolerance depends on subtype and cellular location


04.10 PM         Murali Prakriya – Northwestern University

Regulation of neuropathic pain by Orai1 calcium channels


04.35 PM         Henry Colecraft – Columbia University

Removing voltage-gated calcium channels by targeted ubiquitination to treat pain


05.00 PM         Wrap up – Thomas Binzer – Sophion Bioscience

05.30 PM         Drinks and Hors d’Oeuvres