Presentations from ICMS2022, Cambridge, UK - Sophion

Presentations from ICMS2022, Cambridge, UK

Dr Alexandra Pinggera – Metrion Biosciences
Title: Insights from novel manual patch clamp techniques for target validation


Dr Andrew Penn – University of Sussex Title: Synaptic dysfunction by mutations in GRIN2B and GRIN2A: Subunit identity dominating over mutation classification


Dr Anthony Lewis – Portsmouth University
Title: Gating and regulation of fungal potassium channels


Dr Liz Roberts – AstraZeneca
Title: Ion channels as drug targets for respiratory diseases


Dr Mads P G Korsgaard – Sophion Bioscience Title: Sophion, pioneers in automated patch clamp – and also not so automated


Dr Nina Ottosson – Linköping University
Title: Development of new Kv7.2/7.3 channel openers


Dr Shehrazade Dahimène – University College London Title: Biallelic loss-of-function variants in CACNA2D1, encoding the calcium channel auxiliary subunit alpha2delta-1, cause early-onset developmental epileptic encephalopathy



Professor David Beech – Leeds University
Title: PIEZO1 channels in health and disease


Professor Emilio Carbone – University of Torino
Title: L-type channelopathies causing autism: new identified molecular hallmarks using autistic mouse models


Professor Ewan St John Smith – University of Cambridge
Title: Transduction and transmission of nociception


Professor Iain Greenwood – St. George’s, University of London
Title: The regulation of Kv7 channels by β γ G proteins


Professor Ian Mellor – University of Nottingham
Title: NaV channel modulation by toxins from centipede venom


Professor Irina Vetter – Queensland University
Title: A new family of sodium channel-targeting peptides from the giant Australian stinging tree


Professor Katsuhiko Muraki – Aichi-Gakuin University Title: Comparison of TRPA1 and PIEZO1 channel function among species


Professor Samuel Fountain – University of East Anglia
Title: P2X receptors: targets for new medicines


Dr Juha Kammonen – Charles River Laboratories
Title: Identifying novel and selective sodium channel modulators from Theraphosidae venoms