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QPlate, a unique design enabling high performance automated patch clamp

Reduced cell consumption on QPatch ll and Qube 384 while maintaining high success rates

Keep it simple – Ready-To-Use Cav1.2 cells on Qube 384

Reduced cell consumption on QPatch ll and Qube 384 while maintaining high success rates

High throughput assay for Kv1.5 on Qube 384

CHO TREx-P2X3 tested on QPatch

CHO-Nav1.5 use-dependent blockers on QPatch

High throughput screening for mode-of-action on Nav1.7

CHO and HEK-TRPM8 tested on QPatch

Voltage-gated sodium channels on QPatch

Stable Vhalf values and reliable potentiation of Kv7.3/7.2 currents on Qube 384

Electrophysiological characterization of human iPSC-derived motor neurons using Qube 384 and QPatch

Perforated patch clamp recordings on Qube 384

Nav1.5(Late) cardiac safety assay on QPatch

VHalf adaptive protocols on Qube

Pharmacological evaluation of GABAA receptor subtypes on Qube 384

Cav1.2 on Qube 384 – pharmacology, stability and CiPA

Qube Opto 384 – Optical modulation of ion channels

CiPA hERG Milnes kinetic assay on QPatch

8 hours unattended hERG run with ≥97% success rate and consistent pharmacology results

Characterization of P2X3 receptors using QPatch

hCav1.2 recordings using QPatch

Ligand gated ion channels: GABAA receptor pharmacology on QPatch

Voltage and current clamp recordings of Cor.4U® human iPS cell-derived cardiomyocytes using Sophion’s QPatch

Nav1.1 currents on Qube

Human iPS cell-derived cardiomyocytes (Cor.4U®) on Sophion’s Qube 384: Voltage and current clamp recordings

hCav1.2 recordings on Qube 384 using step, train and CiPA protocols

Cell culturing for automated patch clamp

Reliable Kv2.1 assasy and pharmacology on the QPatch

Fast desensitizing ion channels recorded on Qube 384

Temperature control on Qube 384 – pharmacological dependency of hERG reference compounds

Internal solution exchange on Qube

HEK-Cav3.2 recordings on QPatch

CHO-hERG Duo characterization and functional validation on QPatch

CHO-Kv1.5 Voltage-gated potassium channels on QPatch

CHO-KvLQT1 minK on QPatch

CHO-Nav1.5 on QPatch

GH4-C1 nAChR a7 on QPatch

HEK293-KCa on QPatch

HEK293-TRPV1 on QPatch

HEK-hKir2.1 on QPatch

Icrac on QPatch

NIH 3T3 CFTR on QPatch

Stable response for ligand and voltage-gated ion channels on QPatch

RD(TE671)-nAChR a1 on QPatch

TRPM8 cold sensitive ion channels

Validation of ligand-gated ion channels in multi-hole mode on QPatch

CFTR channels activated by flouride on QPatch

CHO-hNav1.7 assay on Qube pharmacology, biophysical characterization and the effect of internal fluoride

Cav1.2 on Qube 384

TMEM16A on Qube