Eurofins Panlabs Inc. announces the upgrade to 384-format Automated Patch-Clamping

In July, Eurofins acquired a Qube 384, which was installed shortly after. As always, the selection process was lengthy and thorough to ensure that Eurofins selected the instrument that provided the best voltage clamp, success rates and unattended usage. After careful consideration, the group selected the Sophion Bioscience Qube 384. The instrument installation went smoothly, and the staff was able to handle the setup and execution of experiments after just one week of installation and training.

The Scientific Director at Eurofins, Bryan Koci, explains:

“We made a thorough comparison in the field of 384-APC’s and selected Qube 384 for its high performance and design, where everything is integrated and user-friendly. Being in the midst of unusual times because of the global impact of Covid-19, at Eurofins, our primary concern is our commitments to deliver to our clients and the safety of our employees and their families. We believe an extra benefit of the Qube 384 platform is that it can run mostly unattended, without significant intervention from the staff, allowing a safer work environment for our employees while continuing to provide uninterrupted services for clients. The Qube384 platform is an exciting addition to Eurofins Discovery’s comprehensive ion channel screening services and we are looking forward to providing high-quality, high throughput, screening data on Qube 384 to our clients in the near future.”