Did you miss our webinar last week?

Large molecules, such as antibodies, venom toxins and peptides, have been increasingly prominent in ion channel research and drug discovery, bringing new ideas and modalities to the field.

To date, small molecule Nav interventions have been largely unsuccessful in the clinic, primarily due to challenges in developing compounds with high subtype selectivity to minimise off-target effects.​ Several toxins are highly potent and specific to individual Nav subtypes, and as such have become widely-used tools in research to elucidate the structure and function of the channels. However, they have not answered all the questions and only a small proportion of animal venoms have been researched.

In this webinar, Steve Trim (Venomtech) and Juha Kammonen (Charles River Laboratories) present a collaboration screening a fractionated venom library in 384-well format on the Sophion Qube high-throughput automated patch clamp platform against Nav1.4 and Nav1.7. Kim Boddum will talk about Sophion’s work on large molecules.

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