Damian Bell will start at Sophion as Director of Scientific Affairs

Many of you probably already know Damian. He has a long track record within the field of ion channels. He has more than 25 years’ experience from world-leading academic, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and CRO labs. Damian’s’ work has been focused on channel drug discovery across a broad range of therapeutic areas including chronic pain, respiratory, autoimmunity and neurological disorders.

At Sophion, we have known Damian, almost from the beginning of time, and we are excited that he is now (finally) a part of the team.

Damian has extensive experience with Automated Patch Clamp (APC), and has worked on pretty much all APC platforms since the beginning of the ‘APC-era’. However, he has never actually used a Qube 384, so we are looking forward to the introduction course. But again, he has never driven a Ferrari either.

Damian will start with us on October 1st. He will have his base in the UK, but will have frequent visits to Copenhagen, Boston and other Sophion sites, and will off course also be a frequent traveller to meet customers and partners across the world. That, of course, if the COVID-19 situation improves and travel restrictions will ease up.