CiPA recommended Milnes kinetic hERG assay on QPatch

Up to now, only high-fidelity manual patch clamp recordings have been used to reliably measure hERG channel binding kinetics and drug trapping, both important aspects of drug action and potency as well as cardiac liability.

We have together with Metrion Biosciences implemented the challenging Milnes hERG cardiac safety assay on QPatch.

The Milnes assay meets the FDA’s CiPA requirements for improved arrhythmia prediction and data has a very good correlation with FDA’s manual patch clamp data.

  • High fidelity QPatch hERG kinetic data closely mimics FDA’s manual patch clamp Milnes protocol data
  • Stable hERG current profile during repetitive long depolarizing test pulses
  • The assay can detect changes in hERG amplitude and decay kinetics due to drug binding and trapping
  • Pharmacologically validated with clinical drugs showing a wide range of drug trapping activity

Download the application report here