Biophysical and pharmacological profiling of multiple voltage-gated sodium channel subtypes on QPatch II

Sodium channels are integral membrane proteins that form ion channels, conducting sodium ions (Na+) through a cell’s plasma membrane.

In this poster, we show biophysical and pharmacological profiling of Nav1.1-8. The study used QPatch ll in combination with adaptive voltage protocols to investigate state-dependent inhibition of tetrodotoxin (TTX), amitriptyline and tetracaine on 8 different VGSC subtypes (NaV1.1-8). We also demonstrate the feasibility to determine the half-inactivation potential V½ (inactivation) for each individual cell. This value was then used during the next steps as a preconditioning pulse. Such an adaptive protocol allowed to determine IC50 values for both the closed and the inactivated state and reduce heterogeneity of the cells.

See the poster here.