P2X Ion Channel assays on Sophion QPatch or Sophion Qube

P2X Receptors


  • View Pharmacological characterization of voltage- and ligand-gated ion channels
    Year: 2006 First author: Olsen et al., 2006
  • View Development and validation of ligand-gated ion channel assays using the Qube 384 automated electrophysiology platform
    Year: 2019 First author: Marklew et Al., 2019


  • View Modulation of P2X3 and P2X2/3 Receptors by Monoclonal Antibodies
    Year: 2016 First author: Shcherbatko et al., 2016
  • View QPatch: the missing link between HTS and ion channel drug discovery.
    Year: 2009 First author: Mathes
  • View Using automated patch clamp electrophysiology platforms in pain-related ion channel research: insights from industry and academia
    Year: 2017 First author: Bell


  • View Characterization of P2X3 receptors using QPatch
    Year: 2018 First author: Sauter et Al
  • View Validation of ligand-gated ion channels in multi-hole mode on QPatch
    Year: 2012 First author: Jacobsen et al., 2012
  • View CHO TREx-P2X3 tested on QPatch
    Year: 2010 First author: Yu et Al.
  • View Stable recordings of P2X2/3 pharmacology on Qube 384
    Year: 2020 First author: Boddum et al., 2020

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