GluR Ion Channel assays on Sophion QPatch or Sophion Qube

Ionotropic Glutamate Receptors



  • View Development and validation of NMDA ligand-gated ion channel assays using the Qube 384 automated electrophysiology platform
    Year: 2019 First author: Marklew et Al., 2019
  • View NMDA Receptor Modulators in QPatch
    Year: 2018 First author: Bettini et Al.
  • Transient expression of the NMDA receptor in HEK cells co-expressing the glutamate transporter for the screening of potential positive allosteric modulators of NR2B
    Year: 2014 First author: Morton, M
  • View Development of an Ultra High-Throughput Screen to Identify Antagonists for GluK1
    Year: 2010 First author: Solly et al.,
  • View Biophysical and pharmacological characterization of ligandgated ion channels in multi-hole mode
    Year: 2010 First author: Jensen et al., 2010


  • View A novel substituted aminoquinoline selectively targets voltage-sensitive sodium channel isoforms and NMDA receptor subtypes and alleviates chronic inflammatory and neuropathic pain
    Year: 2016 First author: Tabakoff et al., 2016
  • View Positive allosteric modulators of α7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors affect neither the function of other ligand- and voltage-gated ion channels and acetylcholinesterase, nor β-amyloid content
    Year: 2016 First author: Ariasa et al., 2016
  • View High-Throughput Screen of GluK1 Receptor Identifies Selective Inhibitors with a Variety of Kinetic Profiles Using Fluorescence and Electrophysiology Assays
    Year: 2015 First author: Solly et al., 2015


  • View Validation of ligand-gated ion channels in multi-hole mode on QPatch
    Year: 2012 First author: Jacobsen et al., 2012
  • View Stable response for ligand and voltage-gated ion channels on QPatch
    Year: 2010 First author: Olsen et al., 2010
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