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Temperature control

With the temperature control add-on, you are able to perform experiments at physiological temperatures, ensuring greater repeatability and reproducibility.

Temperature control

QPatch Compact

QPatch Compact is our most flexible semi-automated patch clamp solution, allowing you to control gigaseal ion channel recordings in 1 to 8 cells in parallel without any use of seal enhancers. The QPatch Compact bench-top system offers an effortless and accurate patch clamp with minimum set-up and maintenance required.


QPatch is our fully automated patch clamp system enabling you to simultaneously make gigaseal ion channel recordings in 16 or 48 cells without any use of seal enhancers. The QPatch is a true walk-away solution for medium to high throughput ion channel and drug discovery research.

Qube 384

Qube 384 is our high throughput screening system designed to perform large-scale primary screening of compounds and libraries by recording ion channel gigaseal in 384 cells simultaneously. The Qube 384 is a true walk-away solution combining high throughput screening with high-performance automated patch clamp.

Sophion Bioscience launches QPatch Compact upgrade

We are excited to announce the launch of an upgraded QPatch Compact, now offering full temperature control, light pipetting guidance, adaptive current clamp, and a range of new functionalities to increase your experiment performance.

Our technologies

At Sophion Bioscience, we specialize in developing and manufacturing our automated patch clamp technologies and cell line solutions.

Ion channels

Ion channels are involved in a wide range of physiological processes. There are several types of ion channels.

Primary screening

Primary screening or high-throughput screening is used for testing a large number of compounds against a specific target.

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