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Temperature control for QPatch II

Laboratory temperatures can change from winter to summer or during the day. With the QPatch II temperature control module you can ensure that assays are always done at a constant and controlled temperature irrespective of temperature fluctuations in the laboratory.

Keeping a constant controlled temperature helps to achieveTemperature control consistent data day after day and assay after assay, increasing assay reproducibility and repeatability.

  • Ensure a constant defined temperature for during the day, year or between sites.
  • Increase temperature to physiological conditions (35-37°C)
  • Decrease temperature to slow down kinetics, study temperature dependence, testing on insect cells etc.

The add-on Temperature Control module for QPatch II ensures that assays are always performed at a chosen set temperature between 15 and 42°C.

  • Increase or decrease assay temperature (Range: 15-42°C)
  • Ensure constant temperature (Accuracy: +/- 1°C)
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